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WT College Hoops Picks: Conference Championships - The JeromeXXI Week One

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Happy March! You know what that means? The College Hoops content is ready to roll. We're back with one of the best college hoops pick contest... The Jerome. Named after Bill Raftery’s call of Pitt's Jerome Lane's dunk against Providence in 1988, #TheJerome brings the community together just in time for March Madness.

The Rules and Scoring are simple. You receive two points for your team reaching the conference tournament final. You will receive three additional points for your team winning that conference tournament. You can receive two bonus points for winning the conference tournament if you pick a team that meets BOTH of the following criteria: they’re seeded third or higher in that tournament, and they play no more than two games on their home floor.

Here are my picks for Week 1.

Gonzaga is an easy lock for the West Coast. I am obviously partial to the Bulldogs, and Bryant just beat Wagner for the No.1 seed. I will ride Winthrop in the Big South (shoutout Brian), and Basel has had me following Hofstra for the Metro Polls.


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