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Your Brother's Book Club: 2024 Reading List

Two years ago, I started 'Your Brother's Book Club', to be an outlet for providing book reviews of all the tales I read throughout the year. I've never particularly enjoyed reading, but I have dozens of books that I've been wanting to learn from, and I have always wanted to get into the habit of reading more.

It's safe and fair to say, I failed.

I never got to a 2x a month cadence. I started and stopped books, got distracted by a million other things, and lost the focus of wanting to achieve this goal.

This year, I am aiming to bring it back, one for a content outlet that is different on the site, but two as a motivator and an accountability vice. I want to stop the endless scrolling at night and start focusing on further learning.

Without further ado, my 2024 reading list! Reviews to come shortly...


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