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50/50’s Most Gagworthy Stars: Are We Gagged or Gagging?

Welcome back to another week watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race, queens! I realized this week that the way I feel about RPDR must be the way that men feel about sports. And let me tell you all–now, I get it. I get it! You can have your sports and I will take watching gymnast-level lip sync battles to my favorite middle-school era pop ballads. Drag queens start your engines–this episode was a ride.

In this week’s challenge, the queens got split into teams to interview three special guests: Charo, Love Connie, and Frankie Grande for TV’s sketchiest newsmagazine, 50/50. Some performances had us gagged, while others had us…gagging. Let’s get into it.

Team 1: Sasha Colby & Marciax3 interviewing Charo. Sasha Colby was the clear frontrunner of this whole challenge. Charo was a wild ride and you could barely understand her, other than the occasional utterance of “coochie coochie,” which, first of all, so true bestie. Sasha ended up tossing her cue cards and rolling with the punches, and honestly, she crushed it. My poor sweet baby Marcia had no idea what Charo was saying literally ever, and you could tell by the pained, confused look in her eyes. It’s okay, we still love you!

Marciax3 interviewing Charo, with the purest look of confusion imaginable. Source:

Team 2: Salina EsTitties, Luxx Noir London & Mistress Isabelle Brooks interviewing Love Connie. If you have ever wondered what the human version of the word “unhinged” looks like, it’s Love Connie. Anyways, Salina did…alright in her interview, but it seemed like she couldn’t stop wanting to interrupt Love Connie in her answers and reroute the conversation. Any good interviewer knows, you’re the tour guide, but sometimes the segues and asides are the real content! (WTF do I know though lol). Luxx Noir London interviewing Love Connie was…fine. Nothing to write home about, but certainly didn’t make me want to crawl out of my skin like Mistress’s interview. Woof. Mistress interviewing Love Connie was truly like a trainwreck–so horrible but impossible to look away. It was one of the cringiest things I have ever watched on this show, and that says…way too much.

Luxx Noir London and Love Connie after their Fast and Furious parking lot debut. Source:

Team 3: Loosey Laduca, Anetra & Malaysia Babydoll Foxx interviewing Frankie Grande. To anyone watching this episode, it was lowkey obvious that Frankie was the easiest interviewee–God bless the Grandes. Wish they’d adopt me. Please. If Sasha was the frontrunner, Loosey was on her heels. She was the perfect interviewer, it seemed like her and Frankie were literally besties which I feel like is the type of chemistry you love to see in an interview. Anetra did okay, you could tell she was really out of her element here but it was endearing to watch her push through her comfort zone to emerge with a pretty solid interview. But then, Malaysia started. Watching Malaysia interview Frankie Grande was like watching the boys and girls sides intermingle at the school dance for the first time. The only reason I wanted to laugh was honestly out of pure discomfort. It was…rough.

Overall, this was not my favorite maxi-challenge, and I was much more excited for tonight’s runway challenge. Lemme hear you say haaaaaay Miss Carter.

This week’s episode was like a Ru-naissance painting–so much going on that it was hard to look away. In true Ru-naissance fashion (drum-kit sound for the joke), the theme of this week’s runway was Night of 1000 Beyonces. All queens debuted their best Beyonce-inspired look on the runway, from takes on iconic award-show looks to the baby bump reveal of 2011.

BOPS: Sasha Colby, Salina EsTitties, Mistress Isabelle Brooks, Anetra

FLOPS: No one REALLY flopped this week on the runway, well done queens. No notes. Beyonce would be so proud (if she watches Ru Paul) (Beyonce if you’re reading this call me back).

The winner of this week’s maxi challenge/runway was….Sasha Colby (yes, we’re all shocked). Truthfully, I think she did great but I don’t think her performance was GAGWORTHY, as the episode title suggests, but regardless I am happy for her and she is clearly becoming the one to beat for the crown of season 15.

Sasha Colby wins the maxi-challenge for the second week in a row. Source:

Anetra and Marcia were safe–and congrats BTW to Marciax3 for breaking the RPDR record for most consecutive “safe” positions in a season. We love our safe queen! (Take some risks though sometime!)

Mistress’s Muppet-esk Destiny’s Child runway look–which honestly had me crying laughing–definitely saved her a safe place this episode, along with Luxx’s fire outfit (no literally, it was flames. Flames all over.)

Destiny's Child in real-life (kidding, Mistress Isabelle Brooks though!) Source:

That left us with the bottom two: Salina EsTitties and Malaysia Babydoll Foxx. This was now Salina EsTitties’ second week in a row lipsyncing for her life, and her third time all season, so naturally, we thought Salina would be sashaying away. WRONG.

The lip sync song was “Single Ladies” by Beyonce and believe me when I say that Salina turnt it OUT. Salina was out there doing the original routine choreo like her mf RENT was DUE RIGHT NOW and Malaysia was….well, I don’t really know what Malaysia was doing. Salina put her whole entire badussy into it and then some, so honestly, a well-deserved save. However, I was super surprised to see Malaysia go since she has not frequented the bottom at all this season.

Malaysia Babydoll Foxx says her goodbyes to the runway. Source:

This point in the season is where it gets tough, because it is starting to get hard to see anybody go. Favorites have formed, frontrunners have been established, but only one can be AMERICA’S NEXT DRAG SUPERSTAR. Who will it be? The heck if I know!


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