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A continuation from my last blog; I am at a loss from some of these sport searches in the US.

Me again. The second I hit published on the Rhode Island - Maxence blog, my mind began to spiral. These sport search results are always cool to see, but honestly, some are making me scratch my head. To kick things off, College Basketball.

How is Depaul them No.1 ost viewed page in Rhode Island. Uhhhh Providence College, URI, Bryant? Like what? Two of those teams made the tournament last year. Doug Edert is a bulldog. Archie Miller became the Rams HC. It's just so odd. Meanwhile, Brown was the most searched in Massachusetts. Over Jeremy Lin's Harvard? Is Brown the best Ivy there is? UNC over UConn in CONNETICUT, are you serious? These are the answers I am looking for.

Then we have baseball...

Pretty standard results to start. Aaron Judge is the face of the east, while the thrill of watching Pujols break home run records on his retirement tour captivated most of the country. But can someone explain to me how Gio Urshela is the most viewed player in South Dakota? What is Dylan Moore the top for Hawaii? Is baseball truly dying where states like Alaska, Delaware, and Wyoming all search retired athletes? Things just don't add up.

I've come to the conclusion that some of these results are just made by the publishing company to fuck with people's heads, because it just doesn't add up. I may have to plan a trip and do my own research...


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