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A loss of a Fraternity Brother is something they don't prepare you for. RIP James Koshivos. IHSV.

A fraternity is a brotherhood formed around common goals and aspirations. Many think of it as just a drinking club, but for those who are in it, it is so much more. It's an unbreakable bond that is filled with highs and lows. They always say that your fraternity brothers are the men that will be at your wedding, and sadly they will be at your funerals too. You don't envision those thoughts until years down the road, but sometimes it happens much sooner.

This past weekend, we lost a dear son, friend, and brother. James Koshivos, also known by the guys as "Kosh", was and always will be a loving, friendly, and genuine man. He impacted the lives of so many with his humor and loyalty. His unexpected passing was a shock to all who knew and loved him, and we prayer for his family and friends during these terrible times.

I first met Kosh the final semester of my senior year in 2019. He was rushing our Sigma Chi Fraternity at Bryant University. A jolly fellow, who was always smiling, he was a delight to hangout with and an ambitious young man. When he got in, part of the pledge process was to talk to the brothers and start creating connections. At the time, I was in charge of our philanthropy "Derby Days", which is a fraternity initiative to raise money for the Huntsman Cancer Institute. When we began chatting and our "quick conversation" became long and detailed. He explained his passion for helping out and was eager to get involved in our fundraising efforts. We ended the conversation with "I hope to be in your shoes one day" and I said "I know you will".

Over the years I watched Kosh grow into an outstanding young man. He cared so much about this cancer fundraiser, and was an integral part year after year. He helped in every way possible, and wanted to make sure the event was always a success. This year, the chapter is aiming to raise $100,000 for the hospital, which would be record breaking. He was at the forefront of the efforts, and the mission will be succeeded in his honor.

He loved to golf, he was hilarious, he was helluva 78 player and gambler, and his soul was so pure. He was always there for anyone who ever needed. I always loved seeing him when I returned back on campus, always asking about life, talking about what's going on, and a perfect guy to shoot the shit with.

Death is indescribable. It is an apparent in life, but it is something that nobody in the world can prepare you for. Whether it's family, friends, or anyone you know, when you hear the news you a rushed with a flurry of emotions that just don't make sense. Last night, we gathered as a fraternity, as a family, and mourned the loss of our dear brother. We shared laughs and stories, and also shared tears. The passing of James hurts for many, and it shows that life is so precious. You can't take for granted that tomorrow will be around.

You may not have known Kosh, but he was a man with a heart of gold. To help his family during these tough times, please consider donating to help cover the costs for his funeral and memorial services. We are sending love, thoughts, and support to all who knew and loved James.


James is survived by his mother and father, Katrina and John, as well as his sister Julia. James was set to graduate from Bryant University in the spring and was an unforgettable member of the Bryant community, where he met some of the best friends of his life and joined the Sigma Chi fraternity where he created a massive impact on all of their philanthropic events. James was as good a guy as they make them. He had a giving personality and would never shy away from lending a helping hand.


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