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America's must-watch game of the week: Buffalo Bills host the Miami Dolphins

I know it's only Week 4, but it would be an understatement for me to say that this week's game holds huge implications for both the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins. Not only are these two of the NFL's premiere teams, but they also have the added extra pressure of having to battle it out for top of the AFC East.

Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images


For the last three years, Buffalo has been top dog in the division, with Miami playing second fiddle as the Bills little brother, however, it appears that the Dolphins may have finally caught up to the Bills. As much as I hate Miami, I have to tip my cap to them. They have one hell of a squad this year, and they have just as much of a shot as the Bills, Chiefs and Bengals do to make some real noise in the AFC this year. How can you not be high on the Dolphins after they just scored 70 points against the Denver Broncos last Sunday? Yes, you read that right, seventy points. In addition to having an offense that looks like it could possibly be the best in the entire NFL, Dolphins' defensive coordinator, Vic Fangio, has the Miami defense looking like a formidable foe as well. While they have their struggles here and there, they seem to be slowly but surely putting it together.


But, bad news for Miami coming up. After a painful loss to the New York Jets in Week 1 for the Bills, Buffalo seems to have found it's groove in the subsequent two weeks, as they went on to score 38 points in a Week 2 victory over the Las Vegas Raiders, and then 37 points in Week 3 against the Washington Commanders, outscoring their opponents 75-13 and bringing the Buffalo Bills to a 2-1 record. The Bills know how to answer in big moments, and Sunday will be a big moment for them. James Cook seems to be coming into his own as a true RB1, something Buffalo has lacked in recent years, QB Josh Allen has made a conscious effort to play more "mature" football and it's been working, Stefon Diggs has been his usual self, picking up right where he left off as one of the league's top WR1's, Gabe Davis seems to be cementing himself comfortably as a solid WR2, rookie tight end Dalton Kincaid has so much promise, and Matt Milano is making his case as one of the top linebacker's in the NFL.


The Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins don't meet again until Week 18, the final week of the regular season, and there's a great chance that one of these two teams has the division all but wrapped up at that point. I know it's still early in the season, but this might be the only chance these teams have to put a hurting on each other in the standings.

How is this NOT a primetime game this week?! The NFL schedule makers aren't psychic, I know that, however, what we did know was that the AFC East was going to be a gauntlet this year, and even with the New York Jets knocked out of the equation, Bills/Dolphins Week 4 in Buffalo should've been all over the primetime schedule from the start.


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