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An ode to the Guardians/Yankees Ball Boy. May your goldy locks rest in peace.

So last night, the broadcast at the Guardians/Yankees game panned over to the ball boy on the Yank's dugout, and clearly panned in on the white elephant in the room. This dude, with Noah Syndergaard type hair, was dawning the Yankee uniform. Twitter had a field day, pointing out the grooming policy of the Bronx Bombers.

It was definitely a Cleveland employee that they sent over for the series, but I feel bad for the kid. He became an overnight meme, and I feel the Guardians staff set him up for failure. It was probably a troll move by the team to make the Yankees look like strict and entitled.

If so, well played? I mean, stop being so salty that the Yankees knock you out of the playoffs on a regular basis.

But lastly, real talk, I know the hair rule is kind of dumb, I am not disagreeing. I understand where The Boss was coming from back in the 80's, he wanted the Yankees to be sharp. However, it's 2023, time for change. Baseball purists can get off their high horse and move along.

Either way, it's arguably funny that they made him tuck his hair in the helmet, or even shave it. He got his 60 seconds of fame online and can laugh about it, like the rest of us.


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