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Aroldis goes AWOL? An odd strategy for a guy who's been on the rocks all season for the Yankees.

A weird season for one of the most dominant closers in the 2010's. His season now comes to a close. Taking it a step further, his career with the Yankees might be in the rear view mirror too.

Aroldis Chapman, the former All-Star, elite closer who pumped 100+ down the pipe, the trade pawn for Torres, the Cuban Missile, might have played his last game as a New York Yankee. Many Twitter users cheered today. As for me, and to be honest, I have mixed feelings.

As this season unfolded, Yankees fans (including myself) were frustrated beyond belief. The same fans were ready to DFA him. I didn't disagree, but I just thought he was injured or something. When I predicted my postseason roster, I said Chapman would make it, because the Yankees no way would keep him off, even if he has been struggling. Clearly, he was on thin ice, and his antics this week were the last straw.

I'm bummed that this is how his season and potentially his tenure ends. I guess his smirks after home runs showed that he really didn't give a shit anymore. He already has his ring, and his bag, he was checked out.

This season was not kind to him, despite the Yankees being one of the best teams in baseball. He lost the closer role to Clay Holmes, he had his highest ERA of his career at 4.46, and his lowest strikeout count (43) since joining the team (minus the 2020 year). In the midst of the woeful August, Chapman was placed on a 15 day IL stint after a wound became infected on his calf... from a recent tattoo. I'm sorry, you can't wait until the end of the season to finish a tattoo? Where is your mind in all of this?

In six and a half seasons in pinstripes, he had a 2.94 ERA with 453 strikeouts and 153 saves. He earned 3 of his All-Star nods while in the Bronx, and in 2019 he showcased his dominance winning AL Reliever of the Year and All-MLB Second Team. Yet, in the same year, the most infamous moment of Chapman's Yankees tenured occurred.

This team is special. There is no need for distractions or bad vibes when the Chase for 28 is underway. Thanks for nothing Chappy, it's time to focus on Cleveland.


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