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Bachelor with a Bro Week 14 - Falling in Like

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: We have the rose ceremony. Some people leave, including Marylynn, not really sure of the names of the others. Matt has a group date with 9 of the girls. Ashley I hosts the date and the date is: write a love scene of you and Matt. It is based on the book that Chris Harrison wrote. Some were good, some were cringe. Sarah crashes the after-party and takes time away from the girls. Half the girls don't talk to Matt and Rachel gets the group date rose. Sarah has Matt reassure her that she should stay like 5 times this episode.

Serena P has a nice one-on-one with Matt. They have a nice horseback ride, a picnic, and a nice dinner. Serena P tells Matt that she is fallen in like with him. She gets the rose.

Back at the chateau, Sarah rejoins the girls after hiding for two days. The girls absolutely roast her to the point of bullying. Everyone could have handled the situation better.

Sarah leaves.

Again, since we are just starting the season, there isn't much to unpack with each date. The producers are grabbing at straws for drama so a lot of each scene is fluff. These are some of the questions I have post last night's episode!


Where was Abigail?!

Something I found super interesting is we saw none of Abigail last night! Abigail is supposed to be our front runner and I believe the producers are doing their best to keep that image. For example, at the group date rose, the other girls were in the audience to listen to the love scenes. Abigail's face was not shown once during that, trying to preserve the sweet, innocent look that they want to give us.

Also, during all of the drama that went on last night, where was Abigail? They only showed her once saying something and she said, "trust the process!" Okay, Joel Embiid.

Keep an eye on this over the next weeks to see what they do and more importantly, what they don't show of Abigail.


Why did Sarah stay locked up like Rapunzel in her room for two days?

She is gone so don't want to talk too much about this, but why did she stay alone in her room for two days after she crashed the party. Like she was asking for the girls to be really mean to her when she showed her face. If she came back down like the same night, she probably would have been fine with the girls and they would have disliked her for a day. But because she waited so long, they just hated her because she gave off the vibe she was better than anyone.

I miss the days of the guys just broing out at the pool at the La Quinta.


Is the Bachelor turning into one big product placement about the Bachelor?

Let me explain. So pre covid, when the show would film, they would go to different locations for the week. The locations they would go to were the product placement. I think anyone after Hannah B's season was like, "I kind of want to go to Greece" after four straight episodes were showing how beautiful Greece was.

Since they are not traveling, the producers are getting creative, and they are utilizing the franchise this time. For example, yesterday's date was revolved around Chris Harrison's book, who is the host of the show. The person who led the date, the famous Ashley I, runs a podcast about the Bachelor. Watch over the next coming weeks but we will probably see more Bachelor people who are running things in Bachelor Nation for these dates.


The Bachelor Bracket!

We finally have a leaderboard. Here are the results after the second rose ceremony:

Everyone did very well this round! No major upsets to report at the moment. We know 5 new ladies are joining next week so we will see if this league allows us to change our picks.


Thanks for reading.


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