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Bachelor with a Bro Week 17 - Poor Heather

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: We start back up on the 2 on 1 with MJ and Jessenia. MJ says some stuff off-camera that was not nice. Gets sent packing. Cocktail party canceled. MAGI and two others get sent home. A new week starts with Pieper get the first one-on-one. She gets a whole carnival built for her. Tells Matt this story about her family being an action over words showing love family, says how hard it is for her to say that stuff, then says she's falling in love with Matt. Gets the rose.

Bowling group date. The pink team wins, the blue team is pissed because they have to go home. Then they get to go back because Matt felt bad. At the group date, Chelsea and Michelle had good conversations. Serena P says she is falling in love with Matt. Michelle gets the group date rose.

Tyler C shows up the next day. He and Matt catch up. Then Matt's one-on-one date with Katie is to mess with him during his massage. Katie then gets sent home at the dinner and everyone thinks she is the new Bachelorette.

While all of this was going on, Heather from Colton's season comes to Nemacolin. She then has to stay in her room the whole week to quarantine. Heather shows up at the end of the episode and Matt is shook. Supposedly they have never met before. The girls go absolutely ballistic when she shows up.

That was pretty much the episode. Nothing really happened last night that needs to be more elaborated on. MJ is going to have a rough time with her image for the next couple of weeks. It seems like they were grooming Katie for the Bachelorette how Matt was talking about her plus how much we got to see her this season. If you would like to keep reading, I am going to explain my thoughts about why I said "Poor Heather" in the title plus an update on the Bachelor Bracket


Poor Heather

For those who don't know who this Heather person is, let me explain. Heather Martin was on Colton's season. I don't remember how far she got, I think around the top 10. Hannah Brown was also on Colton's season. They became best friends on the show.

At the start of quarantine, Hannah Brown quarantined with Matt and Tyler C down in Florida. Hannah really got to know Matt and realized that her best friend would be a great match for Matt. This is the reason why Heather showed up.

Instead of giving Heather a fair shot like the other girls, the producers held onto Heather until the drama died out in the house. Once the bullies were gone, they felt like it was a great time to bring the Heather part in. From what I have read in other blogs, there are rumors that Heather has been there the whole time and they were holding her there till they were ready.

Also, just for the idea of love, we are two weeks away from Hometowns. Matt has been able to barely create these relationships with the girls who have been there since day one. How are he and Heather going to be able to fall in love and get engaged in such a short time.

For all, we know they could have been a great couple but instead, the producers used it to help cover an episode of the drama.

Poor Heather!


The Bachelor Bracket

We got a tie for 1st between Max and Tori. They seem to be running away with this. But each rose ceremony means there are more points up for grabs. Still, anyone's to win! It will be telling who is still in this when the roses for hometowns happen.


Thanks for reading.


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