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Bachelor with a Bro Week 18 - Losing Girls Left and Right

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: We start back up with the dumbest drama. Heather shows up, talks to Matt for 5 minutes, then Matt disappears for an hour, just to send Heather packing. Chelsea and Serena C are sent home at the rose ceremony. Start of a new week.

Serena P gets the first one-on-one. The only girl to get two one-on-ones. They do a yoga class. She says how much she hates the date. Gets the rose.

On the group date is Rachel, Pieper, Abigail, Kit, Michelle, and Bri. Abigail wants to know what is going on because she never got a one-on-one. Matt ends up sending her home because he doesn't feel there is a connection. Rachel gets the group date rose. After the date, Kit shows up at Matt's place. In short, she sends herself home.

Jessenia gets the second group date rose. They have a fun car-related date. There isn't a smark so Matt sends her home.

At the rose ceremony, Matt gives roses to Bri and Michelle, sending Pieper home. People going to hometowns: Bri, Michelle, Serena P, and Rachel.

^It is fun watching these trailers after watching the episode to see how much they were trying to throw us off with dumb drama.

This week I am going to recap my thoughts about this week plus highlight the updates in the Bach Bracket.


My Thoughts on the Episode

Heather coming to Nemacolin

The thing that bothers me about Heather coming to Nemacolin is Hannah Brown is actually both of theirs best friends. Heather became best friends with her on Colton's season. Matt got to know her more when they were in the quarantine crew down in Florida. If she was truly a best friend, why didn't she give her Matt's phone number, if she actually thought they would be good together. Instead, you let her go into a bad situation for her, making her look like a Bachelor hopper looking for more fame.

Abigail Not Getting a One-on-One

Now, this was a shocker! She literally got the first impression rose and then nothing happened. At the least, she could have gotten Jessenia's date and you could have sent her home then.

Why did they get rid of so many people in one episode!

We started with 10 and a half people at the beginning of the night. In the end, we only had 4. Normally there are 6 left and then we drop down to 4. This seemed like a lot of people to lose during one episode. I get it because they aren't traveling they need to fill the episodes in different ways. But seems like they could have done on more episode before we went to hometowns. I personally don't feel like these girls are ready for hometowns yet.


The Bach Bracket

Just like that my bracket has busted. I was riding on Chelsea to take me to victory. When I filled this out I thought their conversations were deeper than the other girls. But they seemed to have stalled after that week. Tied for 1st are Max and Tori. This is still anyone's to win. There doesn't seem to be a clear favorite to win so the leaderboard might have a big shake-up over hometowns and fantasy suites.


Thanks for reading.


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