Bachelor with a Bro Week 19 - Hometowns

Updated: May 19

Zoom Call Summary: Hometowns! Due to COVID, all of the hometowns happened at Nemacolin. Each girl got to plan the date and then at night, Matt got to meet their families. Michelle went first, then Rachel, Bri, ending with Serena P. The day dates were cute and fun, except Rachel almost getting injured sky diving. There were a couple of skpetical parents about the process: Rachel's Dad and Bri's Mom. They both grilled Matt pretty hard about their daughters and both made comments that he was dating multiple people. Serena P's family pretty much convinces her that she is not ready for marriage. Matt goes to see her before the rose ceremony and Serena P tells him that he is not her person. In order of who he handed the roses out to Michelle, Rachel, then Bri.

Next week is Girls Tell All! Don't think anything with substance will be said at the tell-all but will be fun to see how the girls felt they were portrayed on the show.

This week I am going to break down each hometown, and give my thoughts on the timeline of this season because how did the families get there so quickly!


Michelle's Hometown

I feel like Michelle had the best hometown. The date started with a cute bike ride throughout the woods of PA. Then they landed at an auditorium that was turned into a classroom. Matt got to meet Michelle's students. A lot of the questions were cringy, but they were having a good time and you could tell it meant a lot for Michelle to see the kids.

At the night portion, Matt met Michelle's parents. Michelle's parents were very sweet! The whole time you could see how supportive they were of her and happy with whatever decision she makes. The dad even gave Matt his blessing even though he didn't ask for it.

Do they work out: I personally think that Michelle and Matt should end up together. They seem to have great chemistry, they have similar hobbies, and they both are in incredible shape. The thing that makes me think it doesn't work is where they live. I feel like I am on HGTV, location, location, location. She is a teacher in Minnesota and he works in New York City. Someone would have to move to make this work and I don't know if either of them will.


Rachel's Hometown

With all of the controversy going on today about Rachel and Chris Harrison, it adds another layer to watching scenes with Rachel in them. As for the date, they went sky diving because Rachel loves adrenaline. When Rachel was coming down, she took a good hit to the ground, got banged up a bit.

For the night portion, Matt met her parents and her sister. They only showed Matt having a conversation with the father. The dad is very skeptical in the process. He doesn't like that Matt is still dating other girls. Matt tried to reassure the dad but there is only so much you can say to someone who doesn't believe. At the end of the night, Rachel was upset to hear that Matt didn't ask for her dad's blessing.

Do they work out: From what it seems like, Rachel is the winner. With the current drama plus how Matt has only told her that he is falling in love with her, it seems like she wins. If she does win, the after-the-final rose should be really interesting because will they still be together, did they break up, a ton of questions that everyone is dying to know!


Bri's Hometown

Bri this whole season has gotten the short end of the stick. She got the first one on one with Matt. But after that, people forgot about her. The show gave her barely any screen time, and the only thing we saw of her was she quit her job.

Their date was the worst out of the four, they didn't do much. They just went off-roading in a Jeep and then had a picnic.

As for the night portion, Matt met Bri's mom, best friend, and little sister. The mom was very skeptical about Matt and the process. She was very productive of Bri, which makes sense because she was the one who raised her. At the end of the night, Bri said she was falling in love with Matt and you could see his reaction, it is the same reaction he has made every time he was about to send someone home.

Do they work out: No! I think Matt wanted to get rid of her this week but what happened with the next girl made him keep her around. This is a dark horse, but I think Bri would make a great Bachelorette. Will she get it, probably not. But if any Bachelor producers read this blog, throw Bri's name in the ring.


Serena P's Hometown

I won't spend too much time on her date but Matt got to try all things Pennslyavia Canadian. Fun! During the night, Matt got to meet the parents and the sister. There wasn't much shown of Matt talking to the family, they mostly showed Serena P talking to her family. They reminded her that she had an awful breakup in the past and she should take her time. The family could also tell that Matt wasn't the one for her. So, 30 minutes later in the show, she tells Matt that he is not the one and she leaves.


The Timeline of the Show

The biggest problem I have had with the show this year is the timeline. Starting with the new girls being at the hotel already, to the Heather thing and her quarantining, to now the parents. How did four families from around the country get to PA so freaking quick. Not only that, did they quarantine at all? This show has been filming for days, not weeks. For example, when they say it is the start of a new week, it is literally just the next day. We aren't in like week 6, we are at like day 20-25, which would be 3 weeks. Something Chris said that stuck with me, he said they were already here. So did they already know who was going to the final four? The timeline this whole season has made zero sense and it probably will never be explained.


Bach Bracket

The only way this leaderboard gets shaken up is if Bri somehow wins it all! She won't so don't expect much to change in the leaderboard.


Thanks for reading.


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