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Bachelor with a Bro Week 2 - A lot of Balls

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary

There were 3 dates this week: two group dates and a one-on-one date. Clare put Dale on the first group date because "she couldn't wait to see him!" The first group date was about the men's love languages and had to share with Clare their verbal and psychical love language in front of each other. Clare yelled at the men for not making her feel wanted. Riley got the first group date rose. Jason got the one-on-one; all you need to know is the guy has demons and got the rose. The second group date was dodgeball which Clare turned into strip dodgeball. The red team crushed the Blue team. Blake Moynes was salty he lost so he decided to go back to the after-party, which he wasn't supposed to do. Chasen got the second group date rose. The episode ends with no rose ceremony but Clare gave Blake Moynes a rose so he wouldn't have to worry.

I would LOVE if you kept reading but that is all you need to know about the episode.


The Dates

I personally thought all the dates were weird. One thing I did like about all the dates is they had Chris Harrison in them! Seems like we will be getting a whole of Harrison this season, who doesn't love Chris Harrison!


Group Date 1

The guys walked over to the theater, which I think was just a recreation gym, to talk to Clare about their love languages. Each guy said something personal and genuine but Clare only seemed to care what Dale had to say. And again, similar to him night one, he didn't say anything breathtaking. But Clare loved it. Then we moved on to gifts and they were cute. The final was body touch and anyone watching, it was a little awkward. They were blindfolded, and put their hands on each other. Again, Clare only seemed interested in touching Dale.

We move on to the after-party and things took a turn. The guys were being respectful of each other and no one wanted to be the guy to take her first. There was a super uncomfortable silence until Clare had to say something. She yelled, they apologized, and that seemed to be it. People who stood out: Riley and Zac C. My guy Zac C. is going to make Tayshia very happy. Riley got the group date rose.


First one-on-one

Jason got the first one-on-one. Before the date, Clare asked Jason to write a letter to his younger self. This date was very deep for a first date. They had to let their guards down and be vulnerable. One thing that Jason kept saying which everyone seems to want to know: what are this man's demons? He mentioned them so many times. I hope we get to know because it seems to ruin every relationship he has had. Nothing else noteworthy from the date. Jason got the rose.


Second Group Date

The remaining men who didn't go on date one went on date two. On this date, the fellas watching probably were excited and then thinking WTF. The date was going to be dodgeball. Who doesn't like a good, friendly game of dodgeball? These kinds of dates are the best too because the winners get to go to the after-party and the losers have to go home, which means more time with Clare. The date took a weird turn when Clare turn it into strip dodgeball. The red team crushed the blue team and the red team was able to the after-party.

(photo curiosity of Cinemablend and ABC)

Blake Moynes was on the blue team and was not happy with losing so he made a scene and decided to show up to the after-party. He wanted to show Clare that he had balls. The guys were not happy, ganged up, and told the guy to leave. Brandon got sent home because he told Clare he only liked her looks and that was it. Chasen was the stud from the night and got the rose.


What we learned about filming the season at La Quinta

One huge element that all of the podcasts and other recap blogs aren't talking about is: are the men living together? We got a better understanding of that this week. Since they are living at a resort, yes technically they are living together. But this season they have their own rooms, which allows them to get special alone time with themselves and possibly with Clare that no other season has had. Normally the suitors have to live 4-5 people per room until it is like the top 6, then they start to get a little more space. Should be interesting to see how this plays out for the rest of the season.

(A picture of the Bachelor mansion bedrooms. courtesy of )


Thanks for reading.


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