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Bachelor with a Bro Week 21 - The Fantasy Suites

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: The episode starts with Matt first confronting the roadblock that has held him back in every relationship, his Dad. He needed some clarity of why his Dad left him. One of the deepest, real conversations the show has ever aired. Order of fantasy suites: Michelle, Bri, then Rachel. All go to the fantasy suite. All said I love you to Matt. Matt sends Bri home.


The Recap

Michelle got to do a Pennsylvania Dutch spa. They bathe in milk and put butter all over each other.

For the night portion, Michelle and Matt have a really good conversation. They talk at a deeper level than out of the other relationships. At the moment, Michelle seems to be Matt's frontrunner.

Bri goes second, and just like every other date she has been on, she is outdoors. She made a reference to not being an outdoorsy person, so it is funny that all of her dates were outdoors. They went hiking and did your typical hiking things. Out of all of the dates, I would say this was the day date to have. Yes, the other ones were fun, but when your hiking the only thing to do is talk, so you can really get to know the person.

For their night portion, they also had a good conversation. They both came from a similar family dynamic, so they have that understanding of what it was like to grow up that way. After her date, Bri gave herself a good chance to stay.

Rachel was last to go. The whole time she was waiting, she was losing it. It was really bothering her that the other two girls went before her and she had to her about their nights. Rachel the whole beginning of the date looked pissed. She seemed like she didn't want to be there. She pulled Matt aside and asked him to be real with him. Matt told her he was falling in love, which he hasn't said to the other two.

In the night portion, they had the least interesting conversation out of the three. It was good, just not as good as the first two. But Rachel does get fireworks at the end of her date.

At the rose ceremony, Matt sends Bri home. He doesn't say why she is getting sent home, just that his heart is going in a different direction. Bri just made a very good case to become the next Bachelorette. She quit her job, was open and honest about the process, and everyone seems to like her. Bri would make a great Bachelorette if she decides to do it.


The Bachelor Bracket

We have our first shake-up with the leaderboard in weeks! Max takes full possession of the first place. If Rachel wins, Max will be our champion. If Michelle is able to pull off the upset, one of our top 5 contestants will win!! We will have a champion next week as next Monday is the season finale of the Bachelor.


Thanks for reading.


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