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Bachelor with a Bro Week 6 - Tayshia is a Smokeshow

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: The episode started with a group date called the Grown Ass Man challenge. Bach alums Jared and Ashley ran it. Ed got the man child award and a fake baby. Bennett won the grown-ass man award. Ivan got the group date rose. Chasen and Ed start some really lame drama. Rose ceremony - Jay and two of the new guys go home. The next group date is a wrestling competition. Everyone's favorite bartender Wells was there to color commentate the event. Noah hops the fence and gets to stay on the group date. Ben waits all night thinking he will be last and then doesn't get any time with Tayshia. Noah shaves his mustache for Tayshia and gets the group date rose.

This week I am going to just run through the main points of the episode as the group dates weren't juicy enough to give a full breakdown.


The Ed and Chasen Drama

This is what took up most of the episode. Lucky for you guys, I will give it only three sentences. Ed thinks Chasen is a fraud. Chasen is frazzling because he wasn't expecting someone to catch him for only being here for the Insta fame. For some reason, Chasen keeps calling Tayshia a smokeshow, like a weird amount of times he said it.


Men we liked and disliked this Episode

Liked: This week there weren't many people that stood out in a positive way. Zac C makes the list because the guy is a man and doesn't let the bullshit in the house get to his time with Tayshia. Bachelor alums Jared, Ashley, and Wells make the list because they are all great people, and it is always nice to see them.

Disliked: I did not like Bennett this week. The guy isn't coming off as funny anymore. He comes off very cocky and was rubbing that he went to Harvard way too much. Ben makes this list this week. I thought he was turning into a contender, but then he did this dumb thing at the group date and got no time with Tayshia. Another guy coming off as cocky. Noah makes this list because he broke the rules, and it would be nice to have a smooth week where everything is normal. Ed and Chasen end this list as their drama was pathetic.


Bachelorette Pick 'em Expert vs Founder

To end each week, I am going to show an update on how our pick em for Tayshia's part of the season is going. I challenged the founder of our blog, and great friend, Will Tondo to a pick 'em. A little background: I watch every episode, write about the Bachelorette, and follow most people on their socials. Will likes beer and only knows what he knows through what I tell him. So, if I lose the pick 'em, I will have to hang up the pens and retire from writing.

Zach's Pick 'em

Will's Pick 'em

We both thought Jay and Peter had the legs to make it a little farther. But we both agreed that Montel wasn't staying for too long. Both tied at 51 heading into the next rose ceremony.


I will leave with you with a quote from Wells color commentating last night: "He just nailed him like it's a fantasy suite!"

Thanks for reading.


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