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Bachelor with a Bro Week 7 - Sneaky Missions leads to drinks with Chris Harrison?!

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: The episode starts with 7 guys having to "listen to their heart" and sing a song about Tayshia for the one on one date. Bennett rapped, it was strange. Ivan won and got to have the one on one. He and Tayshia had a nice moment together. They played floor is lava and other games you would play at a High School sleepover. The remaining 6 got to play Truth or Dare on the group date. Dares were funny, Tayshia asked some good truths in their conversations. Front runner Zac gets the group date rose. Ben and Ed both attempt a secret mission to see Tayshia. Ben gets to see her, Ed gets to see Chris Harrison. Rose ceremony happens; Noah tells Tayshia that the guys are questioning her integrity (bad choice of words). Tayshia ends the cocktail party early and goes straight to the rose ceremony. Chasen, Joe, Kenny, and Jordan.

This week I am going to talk about lingering questions I got instead of breaking the who episode out. The drama was weak, the conversations were fine, and the dates were average. If you didn't watch this episode than there is no reason for you to have to read all the little details for this episode


What character is Bennett playing?

At the beginning of the season, everyone loved Bennett because they thought he was the sophisticated, classy guy from Harvard. The guy dressed up in fancy clothes spoke with big words and gave off this feeling that is way smarter than everyone else.

Then the show started playing into the joke that he went to Harvard and made him look dumb in two episodes. Everyone would get a simple math question right, and he would get it wrong.

Now we got a small dick, big dick energy Bennett. Since he is one of the older guys on the show, he feels the need to give his wisdom to all the guys. One guy he is really going after is Noah. He feels the need to make Noah feel small and feel dumb, even though Noah is doing a better job at getting to know Tayshia than Bennett is.

Noah and Bennett get teased to go on the two on one next week, so hopefully, we can figure out who Bennett really is.


Are we going to lose Chris Harrison?

When all of the news was coming out that Clare left and Tayshia was going to be the new Bachelorette, the rumor mill was spinning like crazy! A week later, a report came out that Chris Harrison was being replaced by Jojo (a former Bachelorette) to host the show because Chris left the Bachelor bubble to move his son into college.

They aren't teasing that Chris is gone, and this season especially, he has been a huge part of the production. Every date has Chris in it, and he has a much bigger speaking role than he has had in the past. We will see what happens, but keep an eye out for this.


How many more episodes are we going to have of this season?

The Bachelor does not waste a good opportunity. They already are teasing Matt James season for January 4th!

Just like 2020, that is creeping up fast! We still have 13 guys on this season. It will be interesting in the next couple of weeks if we just lose everyone, or if the season like it has been all year, doesn't follow the normal trajectory.


Bachelorette Pick 'em Expert vs Founder

Zach's Pick 'Em

Will's Pick 'Em

*This isn't 100% accurate but we are having fun with it!

Will took a soft lead but just like in March Madness, he lost some contenders early. Over the next couple of weeks, I should take a commanding lead unless I was wrong with my picks. I had a feeling a bunch of my guys was going home early, just had them a week longer than I should have.

Congrats Will for taking the week.


Thanks for reading.

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