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Baseball is just part of the simulation. The Guerrero's are a different breed.

We interrupt this Father's Day evening to showcase how we are actively in a simulation and you can't convince me otherwise. We all know about Vladdy Jr. and his father and their combined excellence in the sport. A few days ago, after another homer by the young Blue Jay, this stat came out.

Not a typo, that is correct. I mean that's just crazy. Let's see if the son can match his father. Guerrero Sr. spent 16 years in the majors, hitting 449 home runs and making nine All-Star teams. He won the AL MVP award in 2004 and has eight Silver Slugger trophies to his name.

If you want to take it a step further, another father-son duo is also cemented in history with identical numbers. The Fielder's are tied for the 127th all-time home run leaders. Just crazy...


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