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Basel's House Bracket Challenge: The Sweet 16

As the race to the top thins out, the House finds itself breaking off into Uber Eats factions, creating an atmosphere of allegiances unrivaled since before Game of Thrones stopped being good. Who will come out on top, and how will it affect my four housemates' future dinner plans?

Julia Stays on Top, Bailey Knocked Out

The conclusion of the Sweet 16 saw the first casualty of the bracket challenge, as Bailey's point deficit grew too large to come back from. With just two teams in her Elite Eight making it past the second weekend, there is no way Bailey can pull off a last-minute victory. While disappointed in her performance this year, Bailey expressed her support for fellow housemate Grace.

"I was confident at first, but I also knew my chances weren't that great," Bailey lamented. "I stand by what I said last time, in that I'm rooting for Grace because she's going to get pizza for all of us."

When asked about how she felt about her bracket after the second weekend, current leader Julia was beaming with pride.

"One person down," Julia said. "It's just so satisfying to see that board. I love it. Also, I want to make it clear that I was right about Alabama being overrated."

While she has gone on record to say that Vegetable Hunter would be her prize restaurant of choice, Julia has not stated whether or not her order will be large enough for the entire house. When asked for clarification on her choice, Julia provided none, maintaining the suspense of her possible prize.

"I haven't really thought about what my order is going to be," Julia said. "The temperature of the House will not inform my decision."

Standings after the Sweet 16

  1. Julia (4/8 Sweet 16 Picks) (53 Pts.)

  2. Grace (4/8 Sweet 16 Picks) (50 Pts.)

  3. Erin (2/8 Sweet 16 Picks) (37 Pts.)

  4. Bailey (2/8 Sweet 16 Picks) (30 Pts.)


-This was the toughest round so far for our four competitors. No one was able to pick more than four games correctly in the Sweet 16.

-Grace has lost her first National Championship Game competitor in Alabama.

-Julia is the only Housemate left with a perfect potential Final Four.

-Grace was the only Housemate with USC in her Elite 8. She has them losing in the Final Four.


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