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BBB Podcast: Kicking off 2024 with Morbid BBB. Featuring Hall of Fame Guests, Con Spiracy and ClubFootJim

It's the grand return of BBB! Thanks for bearing with us during our hiatus. We come hot out the gates in 2024 with Hall of Fame Guest Con Spiracy in this live show from the US Rubber Lofts in Providence.  We also introduce our new third voice, a name that's familiar to all in the House community - Clubfoot Jim! 

An episode-long in the making, Connor comes with the most morbid stories from the Beer, Business, and Balls topics.  We start with a man in Vietnam who was hospitalized from drinking too much methanol but was saved by drinking beer to break down the ethanol in his body.  We take a deep dive into prohibition, which included the Prohibition Bureau adding poison to alcohol to prevent people from drinking it, as well as the Great Whiskey Fire of Dublin. 

On the business front, we break down the case of Garry Hoy - who accidentally flung himself out a window as part of a class experiment - the Stewart Parnell hearings in the 2000s, and the GM recalls in 2014.  We also discuss the case of Howard Lutnick of Cantor Fitzgerald, who rebuilt his company from scratch after losing nearly every employee in the 9/11 attacks. 

In Balls, we discuss a few stadium disasters; the lightning strike during a soccer match in Congo killing the entire home team, and the Hillsborough Stadium disaster in 1989.  We also discuss Dave Duerson's battle with CTE in the NFL, as well as the Bryan Pata case - Pata was murdered by his teammate, who was photographed praying with the team.


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