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BBB x SSBT Emergency Baseball Pod. Alex Verdugo is a New York Yankee???

We live in a simulation...

Steve and I just hopped on an emergency pod to talk about the weirdest and wildest trade amongst the "rivalry". Alex Verdugo is now a Yankee, and the world has been flipped upside down.


Something is happening...

We Yankee fans have been sitting on the edge of our seats this offseason. Juan Soto has been, and should be, and will always be the main target. A superstar lefty, filling the whole in the left field. It makes too much sense? Clearly, the Yankees brass has felt the burn from the horrendous 2023 season. They also cannot have another Bryce Harper blunder on their hands. Either way, the Yankees need a shakeup, and we just got a surprising one.

In a wild and rare move, the Boston Red Sox just sent over an Alex Vedurgo. Excuse me?

On the surface, the Yankees get a left handed, .280 hitter, filling the void in left field. In any other offseason, sure? I mean, Verdugo as a player is kind of insufferable, but sure, the move makes sense. He's purely a one year rental, and the Yanks didn't really give up anything.

HOWEVER, with Juan Soto, and even Cody Bellinger, being the names thrown around, I wouldn't be the only fan that is questioning the move. I see this as one of three things.

  • Verdugo serves as another need, and the Yankees still acquire Juan Soto, having a a solid outfield tandem, especially when Dominguez comes back.

  • Verdugo is flipped to the Padres, giving them another major-league ready player in the trade, especially if Trent Gresham is included in the package.

  • The Yankees miss out on everyone and this is who we are stuck with.

I really hope it's option two, but wouldn't be too upset with option one. Either way, we wait until the real news drops, but for now, we are stuck with these images burned into our brains.


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