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Behind Enemy Lines. A first-hand report of the terrible Yankees loss.

The Sunday Scaries were in full effect. I literally cannot believe what I witnessed yesterday. If you aren't aware of the context of this blog, the Yankees took a big fat series finale L against the Red Sox. The score was 5-4. Whatever, right? Wrong. The Yankees had a no-hitter going into the 8th inning, on top of a comfortable 4-0 lead. Then the shit hit the absolute fan. This was arguably the worst loss of the season and it was gutwrenching to see in person, let alone at Fenway Park. The term "worst loss" has been thrown around a lot this year, but this one takes the case.

The day began with myself and a couple of fellas shipping up to Boston, onboard the commuter rail from Providence. We met up with others and grabbed a couple of cold ones at Game On. The day just felt right. I dawned a pinstripe Cole jersey with a "savages in the box" Barstool t-shirt. A classic look. We took our seats in the right field and let the booze flow (again). It was "Domingo on Domingo", I wasn't too comfortable, but I was still confident in the Bombers that day.

The seats were great. I was surprised by the amount of Yankee fans surrounding us.. We were still smothered in Sox County, but it didn't matter. The vibes were immaculate in my eyes. All the boos and slander were drowned by Yankee hits. The game was cruising by. Rougie smacked a solo shot and 2 RBI's. Torres and Gio were playing excellent D and each batted in a run. The day was going perfectly. Heck, even Gary Sanchez hustled out a triple!

Then came the bottom of the 8th inning. Domingo came in, again holding onto a no-hitter. 10 strikeouts and looking so fire. The nerves as a fan started to settle and the internal thoughts kept coming up. "Oh shit... is he going to throw a no-no? Wait don't jinx it, but holy shit he is lights out." At the start of the inning, Alex Verdugo crushed a double, the team's first hit. Okay fine, the no-hitter is lost, but we still got this. Well, Boone decided to pull German. I don't know why, it's not like he had 120+ pitches, but whatever.

Loaisiga comes to the bump. He has pitched quite well this season, but he has missed the past few games because of a COVID bid during All-Star Weekend. He comes in and poof. One hit, two hits, three hits, FOUR STRAIGHT HITS. The score was now 4-3. That's where Boone messed up. The second two runs come in, you pull him, end of the story onto the next, but NOPE. All the momentum was just shot right there. Zach Britton finally came in, walking into an absolute mess. He was working with nothing, and the game was now 5-4. Pinch hitter Kevin Plawecki grounded in the tying run and Xander dropped a sac fly to score the go-ahead. The offense came out for the 9th and provide jack squat. Ball game over. Brutal.

The evening ended with some Red Sox fans laughing at us and a couple of depressing brewskis at the Cheeky Monkey. We played some pool and ping pong and then ventured back to the 401. My phone died on the train, so I had to make the four-mile walk back to the apartment, and then it rained. I came home a defeated man, and the Fenway Franks did not agree with my stomach.

I had so many hyped videos for this blog, for the W, and they all made their way right to the delete folder. Anger, sadness, I don't even know, I was just embarrassed. Boone deserves to walk home from Boston after that one. There were no words to describe blowing that game. I don't even know where to begin with this team. It has been a rollercoaster. They start the season like trash, had a few hot streaks, then became trash again.

The deadline is a few days away and Cashman made a "big splash", sending the AAA stud, Hoy Park, to the Pirates for some relief pitcher with a 5 ERA. Whoopty do! World Series is back on! What a joke... I don't know what they are going to do or what direction the team is going to take. Supposedly they made an offer for Trevor Story but I bet the Rockies just laughed in Cash's face. Going back to the game, I still can't believe that was how it ended. Boone and Co. completely blew it. My trip behind enemy lines was a failure.

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