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Ben Verlander completely forgot about Jackie Robinson and said Shohei Ohtani is the Dodgers’ ‘most important signing’ in history

Updated: Jan 10

Noted Ohtani fanboy Ben Verlander apparently is not aware of Jackie Robinson. This guy is a complete moron and only has a job in the MLB because of his brother, Justin Verlander.

This post is getting absolutely flamed right now and rightfully so. Ben has had a variety of cringe takes but this one by far takes the cake. I think if Ohtani proposed to him he would ditch his currently relationship and immediately say yes.

“This means everything. It’s the most important signing in Dodgers history, I have no problem saying that. It’s the most important, it’s the biggest and I think it will be the most impactful and it’s already impactful. Not on the field, but odds-wise the Dodgers are now the odds-on favorite to win the World Series.”

HOLY CRINGE. It's so unfortunate that whatever team Ohtani is on means that Ben is there as well. The same goes for his brother Justin. When Justin was on the Mets, Ben was always tweeting some dumb ass shit about the Mets.

It's actually insane to forget the literal guy who BROKE THE COLOR BARRIER. There's literally Jackie Robinson Day every year where every single player where's the number 42.

As of Wednesday morning, the clip shared by @MLBONFOX had 1.7 million reposts or quote tweets and roughly 800 likes.

Justin Turner, who the Mets are engaging with even quote tweeted it with disgust saying how could you forget number 42?

Ben hasn't said anything yet and will probably hide in his hole for the next day or so.


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