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Beyond the Pod: TJ Collett

This is the first Normal Guy, Lazy Eye blog, so be patient with me, team! We're going to try and make this a weekly occurrence where I come here to debrief on the great interview that we've released for the week.

This week we're talking with TJ Collett. TJ was a STAR at the University of Kentucky where he now ranks #2 all-time on the Home Runs board. Beyond the moonshots he would hit for the Wildcats, TJ's career was plagued with injuries and setbacks, but he did not let that derail him. He found his outlet. TJ got involved with the Jessie Rees Foundation. An organization built on care, not cure, where the mission is to deliver Joy Jars to kids battling cancer and encourage them to never ever give up, or "NEGU" (pronounced "KNEE-GU").

TJ made it his mission to bring Team NEGU and UK Baseball together. Throughout his career, TJ made dozens of hospital visits and even hosted dozens of kids at baseball games with their families. In the interview, you'll hear TJ talk about how this initial idea his freshman year, grew into a UK tradition.

Beyond his involvement with the foundation, TJ talks about the importance of mental health in student-athletes and how we have to break the stigma of athletes and their mental health as something that can be brushed off. Coming from my athletic background at PC, (Go Friars) this was an important conversation to have because we want those out there struggling with mental health to know that you're not alone. While all can look good on the field or in the pool, what's going on within you the person, and not just the player is just as important.

Hear more of TJ's story in this week's episode and being that it is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and you want to see how you can get involved with the Jessie Rees Foundation you can learn more at!

Hope you enjoy the episode!


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