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BREAKING: BRANDON NIMMO RESIGNS ON 8 year/$162 million dollar deal

The Mets payroll keeps getting bigger and bigger and Uncle Stevie does not care. On Thursday night, the Mets resigned Brandon Nimmo to an eight year/$162 million dollar contract. Nimmo is a fan favorite and has been speculated to be announced as the Mets captain next season.

Nimmo has spent his entire professional career with the Mets who drafted him in the first round in 2011. It is so amazing to see players like Nimmo who earn the bag and stay with their teams through thick and thin. He was great last year when he wasn't injured.

He also made MASSIVE strides in defensively in center field. He used to be a borderline liability in the outfield and he has really evolved into a really solid defender.

The deal adds to the biggest payroll in baseball. It is the second richest contract in Mets history by total value behind Lindor.

The Mets also signed reliever David Robertson to a one year, $10 million deal. Robertson was someone who I wanted the Mets to sign during the trade deadline last year. Instead they signed Mychael Givens up the lead and we all know how that went. I'm glad they finally made this move and are bolstering up the bullpen. Robertson was great in 2022 with the Cubs and Phillies where he posted a 2.40 ERA in 58 games. I saw him in Philly during the NLDS and he was fantastic. I was pretty bitter at the time because the Mets didn't sign him, but here we are two months later and all is right.

With both of these deals, the Met's payroll heading into next season is projected to be around $320 million. They would be the first team ever to open the season with a $300 payroll.

I'm expecting the Mets to still go after Kodai Senga. They still need a #3 pitcher and Senga would be the perfect guy behind Max and Verlander. I would also like to to add one more power bat but I have a bad feeling they are content with the offensive production in the lineup right now.

To cap of this blog, I'm going to post Brandon Nimmo's insane catch from this season, but this version is edited. This Twitter user made an excellent choice and bleeped out J***b d****m.


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