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Breaking: SF Giants sign Carlos Correa to massive 13 year $350 million dollar deal

Carlos Correa's short stint with the Minnesota Twins is officially over. Late Tuesday night, Correa signed a MASSIVE 13 year, $350 million dollar deal with the SF Giants. This is massive for the Giants who missed out on the Aaron Judge sweepstakes.

You gotta give it to Scott Boras who definitely leveraged the Giants into giving him that massive deal by using the Mets. About two hours before the deal, it was announced the Mets were interested in Correa. I'm guessing the Giants freaked at the sight of that knowing how Steve Cohen doesn't care about overpays and offered the max offer they possibly could.

Giants are so desperate for their star player and they have finally found someone to take their money. Do I think this is a little bit of an overpay? Of course, but who else was going to be the guy? Correa is just 28 years old and it is looking like he will be a SF Giant for the foreseeable future. I also think this is great for the NL west Giants/Dodgers rivalry. Dodgers fans despise Carlos Correa back to the Astros day and him being on the Giants will add an extra level of pettiness to this rivalry.

Another shoutout to Scott Boras who gets another one of his clients a MASSIVE bag. This contract is huge win for Correa but also look at Xander Bogaert's contract with the Padres. That was arguably the biggest gamble of a contract I've ever seen, but Boras got it done somehow.

This man always wins.


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