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Buffalo Bills Week 4 Recap: A Complete Team Victory

Circle the wagons once again! The Bills go 4-0 after the whole team shows up for a thrilling victory over the Las Vegas Raiders. There was a lot of pushing and shoving in this game, and it seemed like the Raiders were trying to get under the skin of the Bills at all costs. Buffalo showed guts and refused to back down. Josh Allen led his team onto the field and they played hard nosed, gritty football until the very end. I tried really hard to think of some cons to present in this weeks recap, but it was really hard to find any. So I'll try my best.



Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs Continue to be a Deadly Duo

I mean, what else is new with the 2020 Bills? Josh Allen shines once again, and not surprisingly, his biggest weapon is Stefon Diggs. Josh Allen went 24-34 for 288 yards and 2 touchdowns. Diggs caught 6 of those receptions, and ran for 115 yards, including a deep 49 yard pass by Josh Allen early in the 4th quarter that pretty much iced the game. Diggs brilliantly snagged the throw while under immense pressure from Las Vegas' Erik Harris.

Devin Singletary

For the first time this season, Devin Singletary was used as a running back and not a receiver. And it was very refreshing to see. Singletary had a chance to show off his wheels, and he looked good doing it. He reminded me of a young Frank Gore; a little guy who has blistering speed and insane power. Two defenders, three defenders, it didn't matter; Singletary always had a chance at a big play no matter how many Raiders he had on him. Singletary rushed for 55 yards and 1 touchdown on 18 carries.


If I sat here and made a separate paragraph for every good performance the Bills had this week, this short article would probably look more like a thesis. Everyone showed up to play football in week 4. Every "con" that I touched on in my week 3 recap appeared to be addressed by the coaching staff. Last week, my biggest complaint was the offensive line. While the O-line wasn't perfect in week 4, they were certainly much better. The defensive line was even more impressive. Buffalo's D-line had Raiders QB Derek Carr locked up at every turn. The Bills defensive line forced and recovered 2 fumbles, had 2 sacks, and had a 7.5 TFL.



Second Half Woes Continue

Like I said earlier, it was really hard to find any "cons" from week 4. So I'm really grasping at straws with this one. But I have to give you something, right? So here it is.

Coming back from halftime, Buffalo seemed to start faltering again at the start of the third quarter. It was the same type of play that almost lost them the game in week 3 against the Los Angeles Rams. But what's different about this week from last week, is that Buffalo was able to bounce back from the rough third quarter start. They picked it up, and kept their foot on the gas pedal all the way until the end.

Josh Allen Almost Injured

A scary moment for Buffalo occurred when Allen had to leave the field late in the second quarter. After what appeared to be a scary injury to his left shoulder/hand, Bills fans breathed a sigh of relief when he returned to the bench a few moments later. While everything ended up being okay in the end, it still was a major reality check for Buffalo; if they can't figure out how to keep Allen out of trouble, and he ends up sidelined, Buffalo's 2020 season could be over just as quickly as it started.


Rejoice, Bills fans! If this team can build on their stellar week 4 performance, I have no doubt that the Buffalo Bills can run away with the AFC Championship this year. We have a big test coming up in week 5 when Josh Allen and friends take a quick pit stop in Tennessee to face off against the Titans.

Enjoy your week Bills Mafia!

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