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BWaB Bachelor in Paradise Week 8 - These episodes were an itch

The biggest drama from this week was is an itch a pain! It was a very dry week so please see here for a quick recap.

There was some closure with the Eliza love triangle. Eliza flew out to Baltimore pretty soon after she ended things with Rodney to see Justin. Justin decided that he was not interested in having something outside of the beach and that was that. Could've been an email!

New girls came to the beach! We had Lyndsey, Ency and Mara all join the beach. Lyndsey decided to leave the beach as soon as she got there, Mara went out with a 24 year old and then got dumped right after, and Ency's man decided to leave the beach at the end of this week's episodes.

Something that seem like it was going to be a big storyline was the former Bachelorette's Gabby and Rachel coming to the beach. Since this was filmed before their season aired, the girls on the beach didn't know how the season went for them. Gabby and Rachel told the girls their thoughts on each of the men and just said they didn't love Logan. Ended up only being like 2 scenes for all of the hype of them coming to the beach.

Something that was fun this week was Becca and Thomas coming to the beach. They ended up hosting the Sadie Hawkins dance for the beach goers. It seem like the party was a lot of fun until Jessenia decided to pull Andrew to the side. I guess everyone else wasn't allowed to have fun while one couple has a conversation on the side.

If you caught earlier, Ency was one of the people who made a little connection. The person she connected with was Andrew! So Jessenia decided to pull him aside and that was the rest of this week's episode. The aftermath of this conversation was that Jessenia, Andrew who still had feelings for Teddi, and Ency all went home.

After Episode Thoughts

I am pretty surprised we didn't get more into the relationships and whether or not they are thinking about engagement. It seem like these two episodes could have been 20 minutes of one episode. From the looks of it they are saving a good amount of the drama for the last two episodes, which are next week.

Overall this season has been dragging. For how much extra time they have had, I still don't feel like I know many of the couples. It would have been nice to weed out the couples that are just here to be here this week so next week could have just been about the couples who are potentially going to get engaged.

Hopefully there is a good ending to this season but we will see next week!


Thanks for reading.


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