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BWaB Bachelor in Paradise Week 9 - The Finale

So whose together?! The last week of Bachelor in Paradise did not disappoint. We had some beautiful couples come from the beach, some gross breakups, and Greg from Katie's season?! Below is a breakdown of each couple that was left on the beach and where they currently stand.

The Twins and their girls

This is a quick one. Both Shanae and Florence believed it was better to not pursue things after the beach. They ended rather amicably.

Logan and Kate

On Monday's episode there were two decision days the couples had to go through. The first one was at a rose ceremony, and the second was they had to decide if they wanted to go to fantasy suites or leave as a couple. Logan and Kate were the only ones to not make it through the rose ceremony. Kate decided then that this relationship wasn't going to work in the real world, so she clipped it early. Logan was cut off guard, and I can only imagine how he felt hearing all of the things Kate was saying behind his back throughout the season.

Aaron and Genevieve

Aaron and Genevieve were the biggest up and down couple on the beach. Every time they had a fight, Genevieve threaten to live. I will give her credit, she could pack her bags pretty fast.

Aaron decided that because she always threaten to live, he couldn't pursue this in the real world. They had one more fight before they left the beach. At the reunion they both were apologetic about their part in the relationship. Interested to see if they become friends or try again in the real world, because I think the highs of their relationship, they were a strong couple.

Tyler and Brittany

The biggest twist of the night that was not spoiled was Tyler and Brittany. Tyler came onto the stage first to talk about their relationship. The last time we saw them was on the beach saying they loved each other. But I guess it was not sunshine and rainbows.

Tyler shared that he got dumped by Brittany while she was on a solo trip in Italy. She shot him a facetime and dumped him the same day that Tyler got dumped by Rachel on national TV. Oof.

Nothing was really shared when they shared the couch together beside they didn't communicate well in the real world.

Michael and Danielle

Michael and Danielle were a crowd favorite. They had a really strong bond and decided to leave the beach together to see if this could work in the real world. And at the moment they are moving at a good pace. Danielle has met Michael's kid, and she has decided to move to Akron to be closer to them. She isn't moving in right away, but will living in the same town now, which is huge for their relationship.

Michael also dropped a bomb on Danielle. He said throughout the whole season that he has only ever loved one person, but now he can say he loved two people, and told Danielle for the first time that he loved her.

I hope it works out for them. They are a really cute couple!

Johnny and Victoria

The biggest drama of the night comes from Johnny and Victoria. Johnny and Victoria are still on the beach, and from the looks of it they are going to get engaged. The reunion cuts back to the beach to show that they did in fact get engaged. But if you remember from earlier, why is Greg from Katie's season a part of this recap?! Well it turns out that Johnny and Victoria are no longer together and Greg is now with Victoria.

Bachelor Data gives us a strong breakdown of the timeline. The first thing that is a little interesting is that Johnny proposed a month later after telling Gabby he couldn't get there. So how does a month later he feel good enough to propose?

The big rumor, which is what people caught, was Victoria and Greg were spotted in Italy. I guess they felt they couldn't do something in the states, so they decided to go to Italy to get a coffee and get to know each other. From the timeline above it doesn't look like the two relationships overlap. But that is the biggest unknown. Did Victoria and Johnny end before Victoria and Greg start?

Regardless we got a weird edit of the whole story of the three. I wish Victoria and Greg happiness because they seem like they would be a good couple. But the potentially overlap and how everything got cut for the show, didn't paint them in the best light.

Brandon and Serene

The episode ends on probably the strongest couple Bachelor in Paradise has ever seen. Brandon and Serene were glued to each other from the second they touch the beach. They look awesome together!

If Billy was betting on couple's who got engaged from the beach, he would have thrown his full bankroll on it.

They seem really happy! From the sounds of it they are doing great in the real world. This is one of those couples that you can feel are going to stay together and have a really awesome life together. Excited for them!

Other Couples from the Season

From the sounds of it, there are two more couples from the beach! Kira and Romeo have this funny banter about their relationship going on social media. But they seem happy and are still strong.

Another couple is Jacob and Jill! I guess Jacob realized he made a mistake and asked if Jill will go on a date with him.

The New Season of the Bachelor

It wouldn't be the end of a season without announcing the next season! In two months we are going to get Zach's season of the Bachelor! Trailer below:

From what I could see, it looks like one of the destinations is Prague! I hope it is because that automatically makes this a good season.


Thanks for reading.


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