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BWaB BIP Week 2 - Off to the Boom Boom Room

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: 4 HOURS OF BIP this week! Got our first Almost Paradise intro!!!

People who joined the beach this week: Demi, Thomas, and Riley. David Spade is no longer the guest host, we now have Lance Bass!

People who have left Paradise: Victoria P, Victoria L, and Serena C. Strong couples at the moment: Serena P and Grocery Store Joe, Abigail and Noah, Kenny and Mari, Ivan and Jessenia. To get the full breakdown on what happened this week, keep reading.


Monday Night

Monday night started with the same stuff we saw the end of last week's episode, Demi walking in. For those who don't know Demi, she is the first openly bisexual contestant in the Bachelor franchise. Let me rephrase, Demi is the first openly bisexual contestant that the franchise has utilize for a plot line. Last BIP, Demi brought her girlfriend from home who wasn't a part of the Bachelor franchise and they got engaged. Now, Demi is back and ready to have fun.

Demi took Brendan on the one-on-one date. They were having a good time and then Brendan told her to get to know other people. Demi was pretty hurt because she was not expecting to get rejected.

Back at the beach, there are three things you should know what happened. The first was Aaron was a hot commodity and made with Tammy, then Serena C, and then Tammy. But the big news from the night was about Brendan and Victoria P. Brendan was seen with Pieper, who is from Bachelor nation, right before the show aired. He got questioned about it seemed to handle it alright. Victoria P did not handle her situation the same. She got called out for having a boyfriend at home, and instead of fighting to stay, she just sent herself home.

At the rose ceremony, Kelsey, Victoria L, and Serena C all got sent home. I was actually surprised by the girls that were sent home. Kelsey and Victoria L were both big plot lines for the producers, so I was a little surprised they let them leave so quickly.


Tuesday Night

A new week in Paradise. It seems like a new week will mean a new guest host. David Spade left and to replace him was Lance Bass. Lance tells the contestants that the girls have the roses this week and that men will be joining the beach this week. The first person who came to the beach was Thomas. For those who forgot, Thomas was the one who caused the most drama on Katie's season. Thomas came and took Serena P on a date. Similar to what Brendan did to Demi, Serena P did that to Thomas.

Back on the beach, Grocery Store Joe was freaking out because he didn't want to go through a similar thing he did with Kendall. It seems like every week we will have to deal with the potential of Joe saying he will leave.

Later, Riley joins the beach. I don't remember the guy being as jacked as he is this season. He ends up taking Maurissa, who was the first kiss of the season with Connor the cat. Riley and Maurissa had an instant connection and really seem to hit it off. They end up spending the night together in the Boom Boom room.

The only thing else to note is the feud between Tre and Thomas. Thomas realizes that his drama from Katie's season is going to bite him bad on the beach. So he apologized to Aaron, James, and Tre and was hoping to move forward from it. Tre was cool about it and said we were good. But then word got out that Thomas said on his date with Serena P that Tre was weak or soft. So Tre took back his we're cool real quick and told Thomas he will never talk to him (a little dramatic).


Is Two Episodes Too Much?

Yes. To have to commit to four hours of television is a lot. Especially in back to back nights. If it was one hour shows it would be one thing, but two hours is just so much time to commit to sit down. And to do it twice a week is a lot. Will I keep watching every episode? Yes. But this is my letter to the producer if they wanted to hear my opinion.


The Bach Bracket

This BIP bracket is pretty fun! Not really sure the point system and how it works still. For example, it says a contestant gets -5 if a word gets bleeped out. I had Demi picked on Monday and she got bleeped out like 15 times but was still got me points. So who knows! Here is the leaderboard after the 3rd episode:

This season it is just for fun and there is no money on the line. If you want to join to have a little skin in the game while you watch, join here:


Thanks for reading.


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