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BWaB BIP Week 5 - The Couples Have Left Paradise

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: The episode starts with the cocktail party. There were two things to note from the cocktail party. The first being that Brendan and Pieper left, and the second being that Thomas dumped Tammy on her birthday!

At the rose ceremony, the guys gave their roses to the following:

Riley -> Maurissa

Joe -> Serena

Ivan -> Kendall

Noah -> Abigail

Kenny -> Mari

James -> Tia

Thomas -> Becca

Aaron -> Chelsea

Wells?! and Producers -> Natasha

Natasha got a pity rose to let her stay on the beach, so she could potentially find love! The people who went home were Demi, Tammy, Jessenia, and Deandra.

Right after the rose ceremony finished, Lil Jon showed up and help change the mood of the beach!

The next day, two new guys join the beach. Blake was the first one down the beach. He was from just Clare's season. He took Tia on a date and they went off-roading. The other person who joined the beach was Dr. Joe from Clare/Tayshia's season. Joe ends up taking Natasha on the date, and they were having an awesome time until she mentioned who hurt her this season. For some background, Joe and Brendan are best friends.


The episode ends with Serena and Grocery Store Joe saying they are falling in love with each other! It is really awesome to see their relationship progress and get to watch the journey they are on. Just makes it that much weirder that Joe's ex is still on the beach and lurking around them 24/7. Hopefully Kendall will leave to allow them to grow, if her and Ivan aren't going to work out.


The Bach Bracket

I officially won my bracket for the Bachelor With a Bro league. It is good to know that a weekly pick of people will work for this group. But I still have the Almost Famous podcast league I am in.

Currently in 53rd. Might be able to make a good jump over the next couple of weeks but these competitors are next level. The get almost max scores each week with their picks.


Thanks for reading.


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