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BwaB BIP Week 6 - A Storm is Brewing

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: Kendall sends herself home after Joe has officially moved on. Lil Jon brings two new guys to the beach. Ed and Demar, from Clare/Tayshia's season come storming down the beach. Ed takes Natasha on the date, and Demar takes Chelsea on the date. They go on a painting date.

Back at the beach, Kenny gets a date card. He takes Mari on the date. Somehow finds himself in another date where he has to get naked.

The cocktail party gets pushed because a tropical storm is going to hit the beach! There is one commercial break that they might not get to come back to the beach. The amount of time isn't shared, but probably was a day or two not on the beach. Cocktail day party ends with Aaron and Ivan yelling at each other because Ivan kissed Chelsea.

For the people who didn't watch, here is the running tally of people who have said they are falling in love:

Riley & Maurissa

Grocery Store Joe & Serena P

Kenny & Mari

New couples who have kissed this episode:

Natasha & Ed

James & Tia

Chelsea & Ivan


The Bach Bracket

I don't think I am going to win the Almost Famous podcast. These people know the rules more than I do, and I think there is a ton of points if people say the L word. I am still picking people based on if they will go on a date during the episode. Oh well!


Thanks for reading.

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