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BWaB BIP Week 7 - Paradise Prom

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: The episode starts with Aaron and Ivan fighting. Ivan makes Aaron look silly because he tells the group that Chelsea pulled him. But it comes out that Chelsea was the one who pulled Ivan, so why Ivan be lying? He be lying because he wants a rose so he can see this girl Alexa Cave.

Alexa was waiting at the hotel, and when the contestants at to go to the hotel for the night, Ivan found a producer's phone and found where she was staying (pretty impressive that he pulled that off). Anyways, he broke the rules and the producers made him leave the beach.

The rose ceremony, the girls were handing out the roses. Here is who got whose rose:

Serena - Joe

Abigail - Noah

Natasha - Ed

Kenny - Mari

Becca - Thomas

Chelsea - Aaron

Maurissa - Riley

Tia - James

Blake, Demar, and Doctor Joe went home.

At the start of the new week, we have a major celebrity guest host come to the beach!

Wells is our host for this week. I am happy the producers gave him a shot to be the host, because I think a lot of people are rooting for him to become the full time host next season for Bachelor in Paradise.

Two new girls come to the beach: Anna and Mykenna. Anna takes James on a date. They seem to hit it off! Their date was to roll around and make themselves into churros, I'm all set. When Mykenna came to the beach, she asked a couple guys and they said no because they were in pretty serious relationships. Ed ended up asking her if he could go on the date, which was nice of him to do. They ended up having a good time and went rollerblading.

The next day at the beach, Serena and Abigail stumbled upon a group date card. They are all going back to prom!

At prom, there were a few things that happen that are something to note. The first was that James and Anna stayed paired off. James didn't really talked to Tia the whole night. Since James wasn't talking to Tia, Aaron went in and talked to her?! Wait, what? Aaron ended up dancing with Tia for the rest of the night!

The biggest story from Prom was Noah and Abigail. They won most likely to lively happily ever after. Well that lasted a whole five minutes. Noah decided that he needed to tell Abigail he doesn't think she is his person. Yikes, at her first ever prom to. The episode ended with that conversation so we will have to pick it up next week.

Here were the other Prom superlatives from the night:

Biggest flirt - Kenny

Best kisser of toes - Maurissa

Paradise prom king and queen - Joe and Serena

With one episode left, I am going to take my guesses for who I think make it as a couple after paradise!


The Couples Leaving Paradise

There is two main categories for people leaving paradise together. The first is they break up on the show but then get back together once they are back home. The second would be the producers preferred way, but they get engaged on the show. I think there will be 4 couples that end up from this show.

Don't get engaged but end up dating after the show

Thomas and Becca! I think Becca wouldn't get engaged again on this show. She already did it once as the Bachelorette and I think she would like to spend more time with Thomas before they tie the knot.

Riley and Maurissa! I think that they are one of the strongest couples that could last outside of paradise. But that being said, I think that family is super important to Riley that I have a very hard time seeing him proposing to someone before they have met his mom.

Get engaged at the beach

Kenny and Mari! Since Kenny is 40, I feel like there is a very strong chance that Kenny proposes. He seems interested in trying to make this a forever thing. Not sure how well they will do outside of the beach, but at the beach at least I think they get engaged.

Serena and Joe! How the producers have been showing Joe and Serena, they want us to be happy for them. It would be pretty crazy if they ended up breaking up. Similar to Kenny and Mari, it will be interesting to see how they make it work as she lives in Canada and he lives in Chicago. She is also 23. Regardless of those factors, very happy for them.


Other Bachelor News

It was announced last night that Jesse Palmer will be the host of the next season of the Bachelor.

He might look familiar because he was the host of that surfing show that aired about Bachelor in Paradise. Also, he was The Bachelor in one of the very early seasons. I think he will do a good job as he has shown he is a good host.

In other news, it seems like Dale and Clare broke up again. This time it is for good but we will have to wait and see.

The final piece of news is that Matt James is on this season of Dancing with the Stars. If you remember him from his Tik Tok days, he really wasn't a good dancer. Should be interesting to see how well he does.


The Bach Bracket

Moved up to the top 40 in the Almost Famous bracket, but it seems to be a little too late. It was a fun season, and will be setting up another bracket for Michelle's season. Stay tuned next week on how to join.


Thanks for reading.

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