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BWaB Clayton's Season Week 1 - This is going to be Entertaining!

Updated: May 19, 2022

This season is going to have a lot of 1sts, and I am all for it! I will call them out through the blog.

Zoom Call Summary: Jesse Palmer, former Bachelor now College sports host, is hosting the show for his 1st time. Saving the trouble of hearing about the bios of the girls and Clayton, but if you are interested just go to The Bachelor on Instagram, the 31 girls and Clayton are all up there.

Before the night and the limo entrances start, a girl name Salley knocks on her door. She tells Clayton that tonight was suppose to be her wedding night but she called it off before the show due to trust issues. Clayton is like wtf is going on here, so he steps outside and decides to get this girl a rose, 1st time a lead gave a rose before the first impression rose! Salley ends up leaving so that was not the first impression rose, even though if she did stay that would have been some crazy drama. 1st time someone regretted the rose night one.

Now we are at night one. They are starting back at the mansion, the 1st time they stayed at the mansion since the pandemic. Here were some funny entrances I caught from the girls:

-Kate from the Selling Sunset group had Clayton hold her nips, and take a nip with her

-A girl brought her ex's fake ashes and said this better not be you

-Jane came in a classic car because she is a classic girl

-Rachel has an older lady introduce her to Clayton

-A girl put Clayton's face on her pillow because she likes to sit on her face

-A girl came in a tub

-A girl brought her pet snake

-One girl came in on a small hummer just so the next girl could come in on a monster truck and run it over. The producers love doing this

For the most part these girls were smitten over Clayton. There was this one girl name Clare who had a cute date planned, but then said that she wasn't into Clayton. Not only was she not into him, but she went around to all of the girls saying she hated him. She got sent home because Clayton is smart, keep the women that are head over heels and not the bum who wants to be there for drama.

There were a few girls that I caught who I think will do well this season. These names might not mean much to you now, but I will add a little description to each:

-Kate is the Selling Sunset group real estate agent. She had a good entrance and then they had a good conversation when they first talked.

-Teddi was the first kiss of the night, from what we say. She was also the one who got the first impression rose.

-Rachel was the one who got the help from the older lady. From what we saw, it looked like Clayton was trying to find her to spend some time with her, which is always a good sign if you have the lead trying to find you.

From what I could tell, 4/6 ladies went home on the first night. Will give a full breakdown on the roses next week, but at the moment, with there so many ladies at the beginning it isn't worth it.

Here is a trailer to tease the season!


Thanks for reading.


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