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BWaB Clayton's Season Week 6 - Who wins the two-on-one?

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: The episode starts back up on the Niagara Falls two-on-one. From what we were seeing, it seemed like Shanae was going to get the rose. But at the very last second, Clayton gives the rose to Genevieve.

At the cocktail party, everyone seems to be in a good mood. Didn't see much and went pretty fast to the rose ceremony. The Olympian and Hunter were sent home, meaning Sarah, Serene, Susie, Teddi, Eliza and Mara got roses. The group is now heading to Hvar, Croatia, which is a small island off the coast of Split, Croatia.

Teddi get the first one-on-one. They get to explore this city and have a fun day walking around. I feel like these type of day dates are the best. They aren't the coolest date, but they are the most realistic to what normal life is like, and if you can have fun with them doing this date, it is safe to say you could do it in the real world. Teddi get the rose.

On the group date, the girls turn into historic knights and have an old fashion date. The classic duel, then eat gross stuff, then say something cute about the lead type of date. At the moment, the drama seems to be going to Mara. She is the oldest out of the group and she decided to make some comments to Clayton that the younger girls aren't ready for love. Mara specifically implied Sarah, who is the youngest and is about to have her second one-on-one. Rachel gets the group date rose because she said she is falling in love for Clayton.

When Clayton got back to his room, he received a date card?! Probably the first time that a date card was giving to the lead for a date. It told him to meet at the clock tower, and waiting for him was Shan...Susie! Susie took this opportunity to tell Clayton she is falling in love with him. For those at home, we are at 2 girls who are falling in love, 0 girls in love at the moment.

The episode ends with Sarah on her one-on-one. Clayton made the comment he heard from Mara, and that seem to throw Sarah off. But she was able to bounce back and Clayton seems to really like her as this was their second one-on-one, and he gave her on the rose.

Hopefully next week we will have two rose ceremonies to get back to the normal schedule. I am not a fan of ending on these random cliffhangers. Time would tell, but seeing how all they have to do is a cocktail party, and the drama is pretty much gone, I would take a good bet that we get two rose ceremonies next week.


Thanks for reading.

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