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BWaB Katie's Season Week 10 - The Winner is...

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: The finale was pre-recorded, normally is filmed live. Started with a recap of Katie's journey, then cut to the "live" audience where Katie talked to Tayshia and Kaitlyn. The episode cut back and forth between the "live" audience and Katie's journey. Katie took Blake on the first overnight date. They stayed the night together. On the overnight, they both said that they were falling in love with each other.

The next day, Justin gets sent home before they could even have a date. They really did it to him like that. Blake gets all the love and Justin gets one quick segment in a 3 hour show.

Blake is now the only one left! He gets to meet Katie's mom and Aunt. They were really tough on Blake. The aunt, regardless of how he answer, was going to be like you are wrong.

But the Mom turned around that part of the date and made it seem like she gave some sort of approval.

Their date was cool. They participated in a ceremony where you get to burn a Zozobra.

We are now at engagement day! Blake got to meet Tayshia Lane, where the F*** was Neil Lane?? He got a ring and went to meet Katie at the engagement spot.

Didn't love the proposal. I thought the last thing he said before he got on one knee was he wasn't ready to get engaged. Then dropped the knee. Wasn't the best.

The thing everyone was waiting for was Katie and Greg's interaction after he left. To sum it up, it was a lot. What rubbed me the wrong way about what she said was I saw all of this on social media. There were rumors that Greg went to acting class plus the term gaslighting plus other accusations. But I saw that on social media, and like everything you see, you got to take it with a grain of salt. Katie used what she saw to throw it back at him with not the best tone. If the clip comes out about their conversation, I recommend watching and let me know your thoughts!

The final segment is with the happy couple!

I am happy for the two because I think they are good people. There journey seemed a little fake and rushed, but I think the time away from the cameras probably gave them the time they needed to catch up in their relationship!

I apologize for take the first half of the Zoom call with my recap, but felt it was worth it to give you the play by play of the episode, since there was a ton to unpack! The nice thing for you reader is, we are done! Another successful season in the books. Will Blake and Katie get married? Time will tell on those two. For the rest of the blog, I will let you know who won this season of the Bach Bracket and a little sneak peak into this season of Paradise!


The Bach Bracket

I will update the group officially because the website is not updating, but Katy had Blake winning it all and Erin had him going top 2! Katy is 40 something points behind Erin, so if the bracket gives a crazy amount of points for getting 1st right, Katy will win! If not, Erin will get the win!

Thank you to everyone who played this season! I will be looking for a new platform for Michelle's season that is more user friendly.


Bachelor in Paradise

I will be back next week to break down everything that happened in the first week of Bachelor in Paradise, but here is a sneak peak of what to expect!


Thanks for reading.

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