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BWaB Katie's Season Week 7 - Down to the Final Four

Updated: May 19, 2022

This week starts with seven guys: Greg, Michael A, Justin, Blake, Mike P, Brendan, and Andrew S. Out of the seven who are still here, Mike P and Brendan have not had a one-on-one. With that being said, Greg gets the first one-on-one. They get to see what it would be like if they lived in Seattle, Katie's hometown.

At the night part of the date, Katie tells us why she gave Greg the date. She feels that she needs to reassure Greg multiple times because she really likes him but he doesn't love this process. I mean who wants to fall in love with a girl who has other guys falling in love with her. But that is the name of the game and you knew what you signed up for Greg!

While on the date, Greg breaks down his wall and tells Katie he is falling in love with her. Greg gets the first date and is going to hometowns.

Back at the house, the group date card arrives. The names on the card: Justin, Blake, Andrew S, Michael A, and Brendan. This means Mike P got the second one-on-one. Brendan starts to questions why he is even here. He didn't get a one-on-one, and he barely had time with her at cocktail parties and at group dates. Brendan goes to Katie's room and she dumps him.

On the group date, the guys went to an expressive art gallery. Then they had to create some expressive art for Katie. Didn't really get the date but seem like the guys were having fun.

At the night portion of the date, everyone got some good time with Katie! Out of all of the conversations, it seemed like Katie and Andrew S had the best conversation of the night. But with the group date rose, Katie wanted to reassure Micahel A as Katie is serious about him, knowing that bringing him to hometowns means potentially meeting James, his son.

Mike P gets the second one-on-one. For those who might not recognize this name, Mike P was the virgin. At the moment, they haven't had much of a psychical connection. For their date, they went to a cuddle expert. It was a very cringy date to watch. After Mike P told her multiple times she reminded him of his mom while they were cuddling, Katie sends him home because she didn't feel the spark. Two are down, one more to go!

There was no cocktail party this week, so we went straight to the rose ceremony. Katie had two roses to give out to either Blake, Andrew S, or Justin. Drumroll, please!!!

Blake gets the first rose.

Justin gets the second rose!

In a shocker, Andrew S gets sent home at the rose ceremony. Like I mentioned earlier, I thought Andrew S and her had the best conversation on the group date. The reason for his departure pre hometowns is I believe the distance would not work. She lives in Seattle and he lives in Austria, which is about a 9 hour time difference. That all being said, for the people watching the episode live, it was clear this episode was not over as there were 20 minutes left in the show.

The show cuts to the next day, and there is a knock on Katie's door. Who the f*** could that be. It was Andrew S! He came back because he didn't want to leave on a negative note with her. Then he gives her a card saying he will be waiting when the time is right! Katie runs after him and asks him if he would come back. The guy says no! He has bad memories here and wouldn't want to be at a rose ceremony just to get sent home again. So, in short, Andrew S came back just so he could dump Katie.

We are now to the Final Four who are going to hometowns: Blake, Greg, Michael A, and Justin. It was hard to tell from the teaser, but hometowns are next week with the potential of the men tell all also next week. If that is true, next week is going to be a BIG week!


The Bach Bracket

With Andrew S getting the shocking exit pre Hometowns, the leaderboard is getting a shakeup. Our frontrunners Will and Tori, and third place Erin, all had Andrew S in the final two! Guess who is in fourth?! This guy. If Michael A somehow gets second place, which would be devasting that Katie kept him this whole time and didn't pick him, I would get the win. Is 50 bucks really worth Michael A's heart getting broken, I don't think so. I hope he ends up leaving on this own, but time will tell.


Thanks for reading.


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