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BWaB Michelle's Season Week 2 - Who is the Rat?

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: 1st week of dates! 23 guys left at the beginning of the night. They hit all of the things we know about Michelle with her dates: she is a teacher and she played basketball. Group date 1 was a day in the class, where they had to answer random school questions. The one-on-one was rock climbing. Group date 2 was a basketball game. Cocktail party gets cut short because one of the guys rat to Michelle that the whole house was questioning her. Four guys go home at the rose ceremony.

Group Date 1

Michelle brings in 3 5th graders to help her with the first date. The date consisted of math questions, making something erupt, and spelling questions. All you need to know from this part of the date was the last spelling question was how to spell narcissist. Will wrote down Peter on his board. If you aren't sure who Peter is, he is the one with the title Pizzaprenuer. They end up having a little beef at the night part of the date, but was just filler TV.

The person who stood out in group date 1 was Brandon J. He got Michelle's first kiss! I believe Michelle didn't kiss anyone on night 1 so this was our first kiss. Brandon J ended up getting the group date rose.

One-on-One Date

Michelle chose Jamie for their one-on-one. Normally when someone gets the first one-on-one, you are sold that they are going to make it far in the show. This does not seem to be the case with Jamie. He just gives off this odd vibe that he is really not there for Michelle. If you watch the video, he is the rat who tells Michelle that people are questioning her. But the thing is, no one was. He had random information about her being seen out with a guy in Minnesota, and Jamie said that to her and got Michelle spinning.

Going back to their date, it was fine. But this other stuff that Jamie is doing is probably more of what we are going to see of him.

Group Date 2

Michelle has some WNBA stars come join her and help run a Basketball date. Joe, the guy who was in Michelle's DMs back in the day, is also a basketball player. They both were the best in the state for basketball around the same time. So Joe was in his element during the date.

They split up into two teams and had a scrimmage. Winner gets to go to the night portion and loser has to go home. The blue team ends up winning but Joe got to also go because he won MVP on the date.

At the night portion, Joe and Nayte were the two standouts. They both had really good conversations with Michelle and it is pretty clear that Michelle is a fan of both of them. Joe ends up getting the group date rose.

The Cocktail Party

Just like this recap, it gets cut short. Jamie said some things to Michelle that cut the cocktail party short, so we went straight to the rose ceremony. Here are the people who got roses:








Chris G



Chris S






PJ, Pardeep, and two other's ended up going home.


The Bach Bracket

Well this was fun! This was like a number 1 seed getting upset in March Madness type of bracket busting. But in this case, I was riding on a Cinderella. I had PJ and Pardeep going super far in the bracket. Who doesn't love the stache PJ had going and look at Pardeep:

How does that face get sent home so early!

Looks like we all did pretty well in the first week:

Enjoy the win Will, probably going to smoke me this season.


Thanks for reading.


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