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BWaB Michelle's Season Week 3 - The Distractions are Dumped

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: Another full week in this week's episode. Two group dates and one one-on-one date. The first group date has more of the recognizable people like Nayte, Joe, and Clayton and they do a Top Gun: Maverick themed date. Rodney gets the one-on-one, they play truth or dare, and he gets the rose. In the second group date it is all about Jamie. Jamie comes off as one of the better villains' in Bachelor franchise, but it doesn't last for long because Michelle sends him home at the cocktail party. Peter Pizza and four others go home. Check out the full rundown below:

Group Date 1

The first group date is themed like the new movie Top Gun: Maverick. They didn't say when it was coming out, but you got to love the product placement for the movie. Two of the actors from the movie came and led the date. They got trained to see what it would be like if they were training to be a navy pilot. On the day portion, Will and Peter Pizza were beefing again like Taco Bell does to my stomach when I haven't had it for a couple of months. Just like the Bell, it is just unnecessary and doesn't make sense why it is happening.

The guys were competing on who becomes Maverick, and Will won! He got a nice jacket and got to spend a few extra minutes alone with Michelle. At the night portion, Martin and Clayton stood out to Michelle. They both made pretty good impressions. While that was going on, Peter Pizza threw Will's jacket that he won into the pool. Martin gets the group date rose and gets to go to private concert with Michelle!

One-on-One Date

Rodney gets the one-on-one date. For those who forget, this is the guy who dressed like an apple and told her that he was a Granny Smith, even though he was dressed in a red apple costume. Since they just spent a good amount of money on the last date, Michelle and Rodney stay at the hotel and play truth or dare throughout it. They had some food, had some laughs, and it wouldn't be a Bachelor season unless someone had to streak!

Rodney opened up to Michelle during the dinner portion of the date. A big thing for Michelle, she wants a man that she can laugh with. Her parents have been laughing all her life, and she would like to have that same energy with her significant other. She sees that with Rodney, and he gets the rose.

Group Date 2

The second group date really involved around Jamie. They started with an open mic day. Each guy wrote a special poem to Michelle, telling her a little more about them. Everyone had a really good poem except Jamie. If you watch the clip, Jamie didn't understand the assignment. Or maybe he is playing chess while we at home are playing checkers. He lost his book so he told a random story about someone walking into the words. Long winded way to say he didn't write a poem or say anything about himself.

During the night portion, it was similar energy where most of the night was focused on talking heads of Jamie thinking he is better than all of the guys. Brandon did get some screen time, and during that time we got to see a little more of him and Michelle. They had a good connection, good enough that Michelle gave him the rose.

Before the scene cut, we get a conversation that Jamie has with a producer just shit talking all of the other men.

The Cocktail Party

At the cocktail party, Michelle tells Rick that Jamie was the one who talked to her about the house questioning her character. Rick tells Nayte and Casey about this because he was shocked that it was Jamie. The three guys talk to Jamie and Jamie doesn't do a good job defending himself. Now all of the guys have turned on Jamie. But it really doesn't matter because Michelle is over him. She has lost all trust with Jamie, so she sends him home.

With all of the drama, the cocktail party is cut short again, and they go into the rose ceremony. Here are who got roses:






Chris G

Chris S





Peter and four other men who really got no screen time were sent home.


The Bach Bracket

No update this week. The site we are using decided to take the week off or something, it did not update by the time I wrote this blog. With that being said, here are my early predictions for Hometowns: Brandon, Martin, Nayte, and Joe.


I guess the people decided to sleep in this week. As I said, my bracket is already long gone. So, I have a feeling that I will be chilling at the bottom of the leaderboard for the rest of the season. Fingers crossed someone can dethrone Tondo, because he put too much effort into their bracket, and it would be nice to see him get upset. Let's go Katy, Tori, or Emily!!


Thanks for reading.

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