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BWaB Michelle's Season Week 7 - Hometowns in Minnesota

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: The producers had the families fly to Minnesota for their hometowns. Order of hometowns: Brandon, Rodney, Joe, and Nayte. The order of when they go is key! It is like the swimming order for a 4x100 freestyle race. The order always goes 2nd best, worst, 3rd best and best, and I would say that applies to how the leads tend to pick their order for hometowns.

There was nothing too shocking to note from the hometowns. All of the families were super nice and Michelle seem to get along with each family. Here is a quick video to show you the guys families.

If I had to rank how the hometowns went I would say Brandon won by a landslide. They showed this conversation Michelle had with Brandon's dad and it seem like he was getting the rose over Brandon. She was selling the guy on her father and it was seeming like they were going to be a great fit. Again, no one had a bad hometown date. It just seem like Michelle really connected with the Brandon Js!

At the end we said goodbye to Rodney. It was writing on the wall for Rodney sadly because anytime Michelle said something about him, all she said was he was really fun to be around. Don't get me wrong, being a fun guy is a great quality, I like to think I am a fun guy, but when the person you are perusing is only saying that while she is saying she is falling in love to other guys, the days were numbered.


Why are we still in Minnesota?

This is the third week we are in Minnesota. They made it seem like we were going to travel the US this season but since we got to Minnesota, we haven't moved. There has to be a reason why we have been here for so long. My first theory: This is a big test on the guys! Especially people who come on this show, Minnesota is not the first place that they would move to, but Michelle really wants to stay because this is where here life is. So she is making the guys actually spend some time here to see if they could actually see themselves living here. My second theory: Michelle is working. Even though it was summer break for Michelle, maybe she had to do teacher stuff while she was filming. So instead of losing her as a lead, they decided to bring the show to her.

Regardless, I just wish they didn't make it seem like they did this crazy traveling when in all reality they went to two states, maybe another for the finale.


Clayton is officially the new Bachelor!

We have known for weeks, but they finally announced Clayton as the new Bachelor. There have been very mixed reviews on Clayton, which wasn't his fault. This was the first season where we watched a person knowing they were already going to be the Bachelor. Everyone put this higher standard on him before we even met him.

I think he should be good! I am watching regardless so I don't really care who becomes the next Bachelor/ette. Here is the official trailer, with the season premiere happening January 3rd.


The Bach Bracket

Will is hobbling is way to the victory. It doesn't seem like any of us can catch up, he got this week all correct.


Thanks for reading.


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