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BWaB Michelle's Season Week 9 - The Fantasy Suite Life

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: Michelle and the men travel down to Mexico for the fantasy suites. It looks like Mexico will be our final location this season. Order of the fantasy suites: Brandon, Joe, Nayte.

Brandon went horseback riding on the beach for his date. At dinner Brandon said he loves Michelle. Gets the fantasy suite key and they spend the night together.

Joe went ziplining for his date. At dinner Joe said he loves Michelle. Gets the fantasy suite key and they spend the night together.

Nayte gets to go on a boat and explore the ocean with Michelle on his date. At dinner Nayte said he loves Michelle. Michelle said it back! Gets the fantasy suite and they spend the night together.

As you can see, all of the men have falling for Michelle. They all used their dates to tell Michelle that they loved her. The big difference you can see is one of them got it back, and it was Nayte!

Before Michelle could start the rose ceremony, Brandon pulled this move:

He grabbed her right before the ceremony started. They really didn't show what he said, but whatever he said worked because Brandon gets the rose. Nayte also got a rose, meaning Minnesota Joe went packing!

All in all it was a good episode. From what you can see from the recap, it was a pretty repetitive episode. Each date was the same and there wasn't anything new or shocking that happened during the dates. Joe going home was a shocker but Michelle really likes Brandon, and I think it is easier for Brandon to meet the parents again because Nayte will win, Michelle didn't want to waste her parents time. She will be, parents this is the guy I want to marry for Nayte and for Brandon be like, you remember this kid I was making out with in your hot tub?

This week I am going to break down probably one of the most uncomfortable thing to watch on this show, the guys in between their fantasy suite dates.


Stop making the Final 3 talk to each other in between their dates!

I get they are trying to get something different for the episode, but this needs to stop. It originally started on Peter's season, and I think they realized how much viewers disliked watching it that now they do it for every season.

For those who are still unsure what I am talking about, I'll use Brandon as an example. Brandon went first for his fantasy suite date. He got to have an awesome day with the person he loves, and a perfect evening. To top it all off, he got uninterrupted night time with her and there were no cameras around. For Brandon, it was probably the perfect date! Then, Brandon has to walk back to the hotel where he has to go sit with two other people who are in love with Michelle, share about his date, and then 20 seconds later watch another guy leave to go have that same awesome date with Michelle.

Please stop this producers, it really hurts to watch.


The Bach Bracket

Tondo secured the win for this season. Clap, clap. Enjoy your 0 dollars! Someone will put you in your place next season, which is starting January 3rd!


Thanks for reading.

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