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BWaB The Bachelor Week 1 - What Was in the Letter?

And just like that we are back! Welcome back to a new season of the Bachelor. It's been a minute since we have talked about the Bachelor, so let's recap what is going on this season.

Joey, who got second place on Charity's season, is this year's Bachelor! And from the jump he is winning the audience over. He is being very normal and honest about this situation, which makes him very likeable.

For his season Joey gets to meet 32 women on night one, the most to show up to the mansion in any Bachelor season. Here is some info from The Bachelor Data on the women:

From night one there were a few women that stood out, who seem like they will go far!

First was Autumn, it seem like they had a very nice conversation that we got to watch. Next was Erika, also had a nice conversation. Daisy seems like she came straight out of a Hallmark movie as she grew up on a Christmas tree farm and has a wholesome story. Allie, Lexi, and Maria are also good names to remember as they got a kiss night one.

The big "drama" of the night was the card Lea won at the After the final rose. It was a steal card, which allowed her to steal a one on one date from someone before Hometowns. Unfortunately Lea didn't like that and she burned the card.

So there goes that twist this season.

As you can see above Jess is already not a fan favorite. Jess was the one who got the first kiss and for whatever reason she mentioned it to the whole group.

Based off the trailer it seems like she will be the drama.

The first impression rose ended up going to Lea, as I feel like the producers wanted to give her something because she was on the After the Final Rose. Easy cop out for Joey as he didn't have to worry about who to give the rose to.

Also there are sisters, Allie and Lauren are their names

Here are who got roses:



Kelsey T







Kelsey A







Missed a girl





It looks like 4 of the 32 went home night one.

Overall I thought it was a strong first episode. It looks like we got some characters that will bring the drama throughout the season, and there are some relationships that seem like they would succeed based off the first interaction. But curious of your thoughts, comment below!


Thanks for reading.

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