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BWaB The Bachelor Week 2 - Bad B*tch Energy

Racers take your mark because the first week of dates and the rest of Zach's journey is about to take off! Zach's season, just like any season that starts at the mansion, starts off with a week of date in LA. I apologize but I didn't catch every girl that went on each group date. There is still too many of them who have had less than a minute of screen time to remember. I do promise I will have it down by like week 5!

Group Date 1

The first group date was hosted by Latto, who sings that song Big Energy, hence the theme of their date. Latto brought Tahzjuan, the girl who couldn't stop sweating in Paradise, Victoria F., and Courtney. The theme of the date was to show your baddest bitch.

It was just another way for them to get the girls to do something funny and then have to share something about themselves in front of the group. For the most part everyone seem like they had a good time and there was no drama.

The drama came at the after party! Tahzjuan decided she would get back on another season and join Zach's girls. That drama lasted about 10 seconds because Zach sent her home. What was funny was Zach said he was starting to build serious connections with these girls. Zach, this is your first group date... you just didn't want Tahzjuan to join.

Back at the after party, the only real conversation we got to listen to was Katherine. She ended up getting the group date rose so that is why we just saw that.

One-on-One aka the juice of the episode

Christina Mandrell got the first one-on-one. If you remember from the After the Final Rose, Christina Mandrell was one of the girls there. I also heard why they are giving her the first and last name treatment, first person to ever really get it. I guess her aunt was a super famous country singer in the 70s/80s. Personally don't listen to country, but if the last name sounded familiar that is why.

The reason why this was the juice of the episode is because Christina Mandrell has a five year old that she needed to share with Zach. Before they got to that conversation they had a pretty nice date!

They started their date in a helicopter going around LA. It seems like the producers wanted to start strong because Zach was taking her to his hometown to meet the parents for a birthday party. Yeah you heard that right, Zach brought Christina Mandrell to meet the extended family for mom's birthday party.

From the looks of it, Christina Mandrell held her own! It is always funny that she gets the meet the parents date, and then next week the girl is going to get a yacht or something super expensive.

At the dinner is when Christina Mandrell shared the news about having a kid. It seem like a very honest conversation, which was refreshing. Zach was honest that he is super excited that she has a kid, and wants to get to know them more, but he is worried that he isn't ready yet. The kid is also 5, so he would go straight to taking the kid to the bus. Something that Zach is going to have to think about, but for now he gave her a rose.

Group Date 2

With the helicopter and the Latto cameo, it looks like the producers ran out of their date budget for the week, so Zach asked if the girls would come for an extended after party. He wanted the opportunity to just talk to the girls more.

It seem like each girl had a nice conversation with Zach, but the one we really saw was with Jess. They had a pretty deep conversation, which led her to get the rose.

During this date we got to hear more from Gabi. Gabi at the moment had barely talked to Zach, and she was getting too in her head. They were teasing like Gabi would go home.
















I will save you the cocktail party, nothing to note for the reader. People on the drama watch: Brianna and Christina Mandrell. Brianna was the one who got America's rose and she is getting pretty insecure about this process. She saw Christina Mandrell was doing well in the process, and was trying to start some drama with her. Brianna is on my radar, and it will be interesting to see if she goes after Christina Mandrell or any of the other girls.


Thanks for reading.


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