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BWaB The Bachelor Week 3 - Joey is in his element

This should tell you everything you need to know about this week. For the most part, the producers are giving Joey everything that he likes and he is comfortable with. As for the week, Joey had two group dates and a one on one date.

Group Date 1 - The Pageant

Joey starts this week with 9-10 of his girls going to a theater in LA and they have a little Mrs. Right pageant. Joey invites some favorites from The Golden Bachelor: April, Susan, Kathy, Nancy to help with the judging of the contest. Side note it was nice to see them but with how they film the show, the Golden Bachelor hadn't come out so these girls had no clue who they were.

At the pageant, Lexi won the competition even though her talent was kissing Joey. Some of the girls felt that wasn't a fair win as she just kissed him and didn't try a real talent.

From the cocktail party all you need to note are two things: they are trying to make Sydney and Maria fighting a thing. The initial drama doesn't make sense since Sydney wasn't even involved, but now they have gone back and forth so many times it became a thing. Spoiler based on the trailer is they get the two on one date next week. The other thing to note is Kelsey A got the rose. We didn't know much about her but the producers cut her in a few times this week before the rose to let us get to know her.

One on One

Jenn gets the one on one, and this date seem right up Joey's alley. They went to a surf shop, bought boards and went surfing. Since Joey lived in Hawaii for a bit, I am guessing he got into surfing while he was there.

Jenn gets the rose.

Group Date 2 - Tennis

Building off something Joey likes to do, the date is focused on something Joey loves to do and its tennis. They brought two Tennis pros to help with the date, I think they mentioned they are ESPN commentators so they must know Jesse Palmer from his other job.

There were 4 teams: The beehive, Lobster and Butter, The Babies, and Hotdog and Ketchup. It was fun to watch, not the best Tennis match. No real advantage to the people who won the Tennis tournament.

At the evening portion of the date, the girls had no beef. Everyone was in a good mood. Katelyn gets the group date.

Rose Ceremony



Kelsey T










Starr, Chrissa and Evalin get sent home.

The "drama" has stayed for at least another week but I would imagine one of them is gone on the two on one. Probably Sydney since Joey liked Maria before the drama.

Next week we will have two episodes, and we are leaving LA to head to Malta!


Thanks for reading.

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