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BWaB The Bachelor Week 5 - Montreal Gets Deep

Pretty heavy week this week on the Bachelor. Not because of heavy topics per se, but more this week seem to hit everyone that this was getting real. Ended up being a big make it or break it episode for some of the girls. Going into the week, here were the girls that were at risk of going home based on the data:

Let's see if the data is correct!

Group Date - Scavenger Hunt around the city

The week started off with a different format as the girls went on a group date before either of the one-on-ones happened. Similar to the other cities, they just explored the city and did some fun activities. But the mood was pretty down throughout the whole date. Most of the girls were in their head about their relationship with Joey.

At the night portion of the date, most girls ended up addressing it. Jess in particular brought it up and Joey decided to send her home. Another girl who brought it up with Lexi.

Lexi asked Joey is timeline and unfortunately it did not match up with hers. She didn't' say it during the date, but soon after the date she said that she needed to go home as that wasn't going to work.

Back to the group date, Jenn gets the group date rose.

One-on-One - Kelsey T

Kelsey and Joey got a cool date. Not my cup of tea but it was unique. They did a Cirque de Soleil training and got to do a lot of flying in the air. Joey had to tap out though because he got very dizzy.

Kelsey and Joey bonded. I think that she will probably get sent home before hometowns, but they had a nice date and she got the rose.

One-on-One - Maria

Maria got the pretty women date, where she got to try on the expensive dresses and had the helicopter ride. Normally the ones who get this type of date tend to make it far! For example Rachel from Matt's season and Suzie from Clayton's season both got that date and won their respective seasons.

Joey and Maria seem to have a great connection, she gets the rose.

Rose Ceremony


Kelsey A


Lea and Katelyn go home.

For the most part the data was correct here except for Lexi, which was more of a self elimination. Now that we have only 6 remaining that means next week we are choosing who makes to hometowns! Happy they got rid of a good amount of people this week as this week really helps narrow down from feeling like Joey is dating a ton of women to we are getting close to the end.


Thanks for reading.


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