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BWaB The Bachelor Week 5 - The COVID Episode

This episode was probably the most up and down episode we have had in years! Unfortunately, the downs took more of the night than the ups.

The episode starts with us in London. We are currently in the Europe stage of the journey. The plan was to have two one-on-ones and a group date. But unfortunately Zach came down with COVID before the group date, which had him quarantined in his room for the rest of the week.

Before the COVID part of the week happened, Zach was still able to go on one date. Zach took Gabi on the first one-on-one to feel like a Royal!

Gabi's One-on-One

Gabi got picked up in a Rolls Royce and the rest of the day was spoiling her. She got shoes, clothes, all of these designer things. Two parts of the date were pretty cool! The first was they went to this make your own perfume store and got to make their own signature scent. I guess the royals and a lot of historical people have gone to this store to get their own scent.

The second was they got to have high tea and crumpets with corgis from the royal bloodline. Got to roll around with the corgis and play with them all afternoon.

As you could tell, the ladies were pretty jealous of this date. I mean she gets to keep all of these designer clothes, shoes, and gets to get pampered all day.

For the dinner portion of the date, it seems like Zach and Gabi are growing in their relationship. It seems like they have similar humor, and they both opened up, which seem to bring them closer. Gabi gets the rose.

The COVID part of the episode

The rest of the episode made us feel like we were back in 2020 quarantining. They did some virtual dates through an iPad and had the rose ceremony through a screen. I won't make people relive those days, just know that Kaity did something special for him while he was locked in his room, and while that was going on they gave us a good montage of all of their past dates.










Kylee and Mercedes get sent home.

Thoughts on Season so far

I think in this episode, what I liked was Gabi's date. There were parts of her date where I put down my phone and really listened to what she said. When you can see the two connecting and their relationship forming, I enjoy that. I feel like that was the reason why I started watching in the first place. All of this drama stuff is just noise, and unfortunately that has been their bread and butter for the past few seasons.

If there was a way where we got mostly the conversations on how the relationships were forming and less of the drama, I think that would be a better show. But I would see most saying it is boring, so if they found a way to have multiple people we were rooting for, it could work.

What would be interesting is if they took the Bachelor in Paradise format and somehow made it a traveling show, so have all of the contestants come with them to different locations. I could see maybe the cruise idea working for that, where they go to different cities and we are watching multiple relationships at once.


Thanks for reading.


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