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BWaB The Bachelor Week 6 - Canada brings us to the Final Four

With March Madness around the corner, it is fitting that the Bachelor is following similar bracket rules for this season. Similar to March Madness, we start with a ton of options, half of them are gone by the second week, and things really pick up at the Final Four.

For this season, we have six going into the week: Jenn, Daisy, Maria, Kelsey A, Kelsey T, and Rachel. This week there is two one-on-ones and one group date to find out who is making it to Hometowns.

One-on-One - Daisy

Daisy gets the first date of the week. They go horseback riding. Out of all of the girls, Daisy is the only one that hasn't shared how she is feeling about Joey.

As the tweet shows though, it doesn't seem to matter as Joey is really into Daisy. I think that if Daisy has a good hometown date, she will share that she is falling in love with Joey.

Normally in these shows, if you haven't shared the falling in love card yet, normally that causes you to go home. But with Daisy it seems like she is changing how this journey tends to go. Will be fun to see how everything plays out as we need to remind ourselves, this season ends in a way we haven't seen before. Does Daisy say she is not ready and leave him at the end? The story is playing into that.

The Group Date

The group date was Jenn, Rachel, Kelsey T and Maria. They were all each bummed that they didn't get the one-on-one date.

I don't think the date helped either. They had to pretend to be lumberjacks. I think some of them embraced it, but we didn't see those clips.

At the end of the night Joey decided he wasn't going to give a rose out at the group date. I think that Maria probably would have gotten it, but she chose to self sabotage in the night portion, which I think let Joey hold onto the rose.

One-on-One - Kelsey A

Kelsey A got a very similar date to the one she got the first round, where she went around the town and explored. It seems like that is the vibe and the life they would have, so it is nice to get a more normal date that resembles the real world.

One thing that they did that was different was a Polar Plunge. Joey is not a fan of the cold, as he hated the experience. But Kelsey A was all for it.

Kelsey A ended up getting the rose. She seems like she will get out at hometowns because I think her family might give Joey a hard time. Granted each parent had a comment but that is just my guess.




Jenn and Kelsey T went home

It seems like this a winning final four with the fans. People seem to be liking how Joey is doing and the final on his season. The data is also showing that as both Daisy and Maria are gaining more followers than the past few seasons. They are seeing similar numbers to Hannah Ann and Madi from Peter's season. Viewership is also up so it seems like this season is going well for the franchise. But what do you think? Leave some comments below!


Thanks for reading.


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