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BWaB The Bachelor Week 7 - Bathing Ourselves to Hometowns

The 7, I guess 8, ladies ship themselves from Estonia to the beautiful Budapest! From the looks of it, they were in Budapest in the early/mid fall time, which I wouldn't guess is the best time to visit. For those who didn't study abroad in Budapest, Budapest is where everyone took those photos in a big bath. Normally was accompanied with a bad pun.

But getting ahead ourselves here. The week first starts with one-on-one. Since all of the girls left have already had 1 one-on-one, two people are going to get their second! The first one-on-one went to Kaity!

Kaity's One-on-One

Kaity and Zach spent the day exploring Budapest. They went up the hills, try something native and odd to the area, and saw the landmarks. Pretty standard walking around the city date.

Just throughout the whole date you can tell Kaity is a frontrunner. Things Zach was saying to her and in the talking heads, he is all about Kaity. And Kaity seems to be sharing the same feelings!

Kaity shares with Zach that she hasn't felt the trust and love from a relationship that she has in this relationship. Both her dad and her mom's boyfriend left her throughout her childhood. So she is very thankful for how she feels with Zach. *No falling in love shared yet.

Zach gives Kaity the rose.

Group Date

Ariel, Charity, Gabi and Kat go on the group date. The ladies have a conversation with a mentalist, where the mentalist exposes a few things about each of the ladies. Regardless what they were talking about, I don't get a mentalist. How does he know the exact words the girls are going to say. Jaw hit the floor each time he guessed the exact word they were thinking.

Each lady felt that the mentalist brought up a topic that they needed to chat with Zach more. They were all heavy conversations that needed to be had going into Hometowns! But at the end of it, Gabi got the group date rose.

Brooklyn's One-on-One

I'll keep it short. Brooklyn and Zach went to the Bath and she got sent home. My guess, I think Brooklyn being from a different background scared Zach a little bit and he realized that he probably wasn't going to be a rodeo person, which is very valid. For the relationship to actually work I believe they need to have similar upbringing that they both can relate to.

What Happened to Greer?

They kept Greer around just so she could get sent home in a 3 minute conversation. Hopefully she enjoyed the free trip around Europe, but if she had to be by herself the whole time that is pretty sad.

So going into the rose ceremony we have Ariel, Charity and Kat and one will be going home!




Kat gets sent home. It wasn't a big surprise that she got sent home. She was talking about how she wanted a one-on-one and everything she was sharing was either uncertainty or negativity, and when that happens it normally means you are out the door.


My Thoughts on the Season - It is not working!

I think that overall I have enjoyed the story of Zach's love story. There are a few people I could see this actually working with and them making it to the end. From how Zach has taken this, I could see there being a relationship come from this.

The thing I haven't enjoyed about this season is I feel like I have seen this before. The dates are the same, the structure of the show is the same, everything just feels like the same season. So I can expect what is already going to happen before it actually happens.

In other competition shows I have been watching, they are the same premise but they all incorporate a new curveball to the season to make it interesting. Let's take an old season of the Bachelor franchise. In Kaitlyn's season, we were in like week 3 and Nick Viall was at the group date. Nick was someone who got second on one season already and then they ended up keeping him for Kaitlyn's season. But for Zach's season, they tried it with Taj and she left after 10 minutes. There just wasn't any curveball that happened that kept you intrigued what would happen next.

It will be interesting to see if any curveballs happen with the final four. They are teasing that Zach says no sex for fantasy suites but then it seems like he might break that, so could be some interesting drama there.


Thanks for reading.


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