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BWaB The Bachelor Week 7 - Hometowns

Great week of hometowns! Each family got their own time to shine, and everything seem to go really well. Maria ends up being sent home, full hometown breakdowns below:

Kelsey A's Hometown

Kelsey A is from New Orleans, so similar to the other two one-on-ones they have had, they toured the city and did city related things. One thing that got touched upon a lot was Kelsey A's mom. She passed away a few years before this was filmed, and she was bummed that Joey wasn't going to be able to meet her. And rightfully so. Something that was really wholesome is that anytime Kelsey would see a Butterfly it reminded her of her mom. And during their date she saw a few butterflies.

For the meet the family portion, I think it went great! Kelsey's Dad had a really nice perspective on the situation, and seem to give Joey his blessing. For all of the girls, Kelsey including, it was really important to have that reassurance from their family before they kept progressing! Kelsey also shared that she is falling in love with Joey.

Rachel's Hometown

Rachel is originally from Hawaii, but due to filming they didn't make it to Hawaii. Instead, they had Rachel's family come to Rachel's uncles house in California. The big takeaway from Rachel's hometown was tradition. They had a traditional Luau, and Joey was very respectful of her parents. Similar to Kelsey, Rachel wanted that confirmation from her parents that they liked Joey and wanted to make sure they accepted this process. From the sounds of it, they were open to understanding more about it, but weren't fully sold on it. Rachel also shared that she is falling in love with Joey.

Daisy's Hometown

Daisy brought Joey to her family's Christmas tree farm. Even though it was the middle of Fall when they filmed, they set up the farm like it was Christmas.

Daisy's friends ended up surprising them at the farm, which were the only friends Joey got to meet, which I think also important as meeting the family as they will be the closest people in your lives.

Daisy had a great hometown with Joey. Her biggest thing was she was putting up walls, and both her mom and dad told her to go for it! Drop the walls and see what happens. Daisy's dad had a funny wholesome comment

Daisy shared with Joey that she is falling in love.

Maria's Hometown

Maria kept saying she is from Canada, but the hometown date was in Niagara Falls. They didn't clarify if that was their families home or if it was an Airbnb so they didn't have to go to Canada again.

Out of all of the families, they made us believe Maria's family was going to be the toughest. They never met someone who Maria was dating, and they came off a little blunt. But they were lovely people, and they had a great time with Joey! Maria's father even gave Joey his blessing knowing that he trusts Maria's judgement if she chooses him. Maria was the only one to not share how she was feeling about him. Spoiler that she choses to pull him right before the first rose.



Kelsey A


This was a great week! Each relationship seem to progress, and all of the families were great! Hometowns is always a great week because this is when the relationships start to shine. At the moment I think Daisy will win, but I can see each of the final three having a shot to win. I would guess it goes Daisy first, Kelsey second, and Rachel third, but tell me what you think below!


Thanks for reading.


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