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BWaB The Bachelor Week 9 - Fantasy Suites AKA The Sex Week

Welcome to Fantasy Suites! For whatever reason, the producers thought it would be fun to have a theme this season. Instead of the super cringe moment of the ladies having to go sit in the same room as each other, Zach has decided to tell each girl that he will not have sex with them. But did he actually not have sex? No. So what exactly happened?!

First off, it would be helpful to set the stage. Zach probably got one of the nicer final locations than the others over the past few seasons. The group is in Thailand for their final couple of weeks, and it is beautiful! There are in Krabi, I think I spelt it right, and it looks to be a super beautiful tropical destination.

The order for the Fantasy Suites goes Ariel, Gabi, Kaity. If you happened to catch any trailers they were showing, they were implying that Ariel was the one that had sex with Zach. But is that true? Let's recap!

Ariel's Fantasy Suite

Ariel and Zach spent the night going under a downtown market. It look pretty fun, looked like they had some good eats. Most of these dates could be summarized in a sentence or two, they were fun but not much to report.

In terms of the falling in love for Ariel, we are still at falling in love for her. She seems to be into Zach and when they leaved the overnight, it seem like Zach was really into that relationship. One thing to note is Zach shared that they were not intimate. So we can check Ariel off the list.

Gabi's Fantasy Suite

Gabi and Zach spent the day on a pirate ship going around the sea. Seem like a pretty cool vessel to see the coast of Thailand. When they came back onto land, Gabi started sharing how she was feeling about this week. She started to really get into her head because she felt like she was being chose second, even though it wasn't about the order. Gabi needed to take a breather to regroup herself. The reason why this is important to note is this scene was used in the trailer to make it seem like she was upset that Zach had sex with another lady.

She ends up not being upset because it turns it was Gabi. Zach spilled the beans almost immediately after the overnight. He decided that he need to tell Jesse then tell Gabi he was sharing it, then tell the other ladies.

When Zach shared it with Gabi, it left a bad taste in her mouth. She felt like a lot of trust was lost after he just shared it with the whole world that they were intimate.

Kaity's Fantasy Suite

So how did Kaity respond to the news? As I think everyone else would, not too happy. She made one comment that was pretty funny. Kaity was like, did you share the news thinking I would give you a high five like nice job buddy?!

But they were able to talk through it and Kaity decided to stick around. From what we saw, it looked like they were able to get back on track, but I don't think this will be the last time they have a conversation about it.

Rose Ceremony



Ariel gets sent home. She will be good. Ariel will probably be one of the main stars on the next Bachelor in Paradise.

As for Kaity and Gabi, they both have a bad taste going into the final week. Gabi feels like their trust was broken and Kaity felt pretty distant to Zach after he shared the news. It doesn't seem like one conversation was going to fix how distant she feels from him.

We will see how next week goes. Just have a 1 day finale. They didn't tease much about the live show so seems like we are getting a pretty regular finale this round.


Thanks for reading.


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