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BWaB The Bachelor Week 9 - Women Tell All

Probably my least favorite episode of the season happened this week, it was the Women Tell All. The reason I am not a fan is they go over drama that really isn't drama, and have these people just yelling at each other to get themselves on Paradise.

The few people that were noting from the Tell All that were there were Maria, Madina, Jess, Lea, Sydney and the person who doesn't get a rose in Mexico, which ends up being Rachel. Before going into the Rachel news, the main part of the night was focused on Maria.

I will give the Bachelor producers credit, because they are very online. They know what is being said about the show and who the public likes and didn't like. From this season Maria was the clear fan favorite! She is seeing record growths on social media compared to Hannah Ann and Madi from Peter's season. So Maria knew that she could go off during this reunion and double down on the people that tried to go after her on the show.

It felt like most of the reunion was focused around that weak drama they had this season and Maria made sure that the other girls know that she was in the right.

The only other things to note was it was nice to Lexi and Jenn. Both girls had a good relationship with Joey but it didn't work out.

The note that ended up being shared from Kelsey was more about her wanted to just communicate her feelings to Joey. She never was going to leave. But I guess Joey didn't take it well and it seem like he was visible upset when Kelsey left.

That being said, Rachel did not get a rose and she got an opportunity to be a part of the Tell All. I think the downfall for Rachel is we got to see a lot more of Kelsey and Daisy relationships progressing, which made it seem like Rachel's wasn't at that level. Some parts of their story might have been cut as well, so maybe there was more we didn't know.

Like I said, not my favorite week as it just seems like a tradition that they keep doing even though the format probably could be changed. I think in the past these type of reunions worked as there were real drama and good moments that were discussing. But since nothing really happened on this season it is kind of like what is the point of this episode if nothing needs to be addressed.

But let me know what you think below!


Thanks for reading.


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